Israhell banae..

You don’t throw stones at god’s people

I see what you did there. :smiley:

@Soprano atakuja kama amekimbia na hasira kisha aone the black face. Kisha aingie Google : blacks in Israeli forces.

Kisha aone hadi Palestinians wako ndani ya IDF. Nigerians, Sudanese pia etc.

In a bout of defeat and and anger aseme, “I wonder what their Jehovah thinks about all this!”

But @Soprano hata saa hii ukitoka hapo kwako Mirema drive uende Kasarani police station na urushie polisi mawe what do you think will happen? Ama umlime ngumi ya kimataifa.

You know that stone could have scratched a very expensive markava tank

What they don’t show you about the Israeli Defence Forces :
In this Sunday, May 26, 2013 file photo, members of the Black Hebrews community attend the Shavuot harvest festival in their Village of Peace in the town of Dimona, southern Israel.(Reuters),fl_lossy/t_Article2016_ControlFaceDetect/476677


Ethiopian Jewish Forces :



A soldier of Ethiopian heritage in a Nahal Brigade drill in the Golan Heights (photo credit: Nir Gal/IDF Spokesperson’s Unit)

You will never ever see these guys on Aljazeera, CNN, BBC or the Guardian. It goes against the narrative that Jews are racist.

Al Jazeera actually edits videos thoroughly to make sure you don’t see such faces as these below.










Moroccan Jews. A good chunk of IDF are actually from Morocco an Arab state. There are very strong ties between Morocco and Israel. Zrihan, a Moroccan Jewish 19-year-old girl who was smuggled to Israel to be part of the Israeli Defense Forces./Ph. Yediot

…Suite :

Then of course there is the African American Community of Israel. 25,000 strong.

African Americans participate in every sphere of Israel especially sports and the military.





African American-Israeli basketball player Shawn Dawson, son of American-born Israeli Joe Dawson and his Yemenite Jewish wife.
African American-Israeli sprinter Donald Sanford representing Israel at the 2016 Olympics.
Jamie Arnold, a retired African American-Israeli basketball player with dual citizenship who played for the Israeli national basketball team.

Argue two seconds with a Jew and he will use the Holocaust as an excuse to do whatever they want.

You can marry a Jewish girl but Palestinian hataki uowe msichana yake juu you will dilute and pollute his race.

But this is a battle that Arabs are losing daily. One way to end Jihad is to dilute the bloodlines. And Palestinian girls can’t resist the boys they see in Israel.

Akina Kush wakianza kutomba waarabu huko Qatar si ni hivyo?

In Dubai foreigners are the majority. Whether the prince likes it or not these foreigners will start fucking the Arabs.

Xi Jinping realised that if he opens up China, Han Chinese are in trouble from black dicks. He shut down black villages and deported Africans. But he forgets that Chinese ladies are coming to Africa.

True. Actually intermarriage ndio itapunguza nonsense ingine iko kwa dunia.

Black jews in the forefront are just fodder,nothing new. Blacks in the US army know this too well ,they’d rather do kitchen or other administration jobs:D:D:D

Now you understand why mzungu opens his doors to Arabs. :smiley:

Intermarriage is one way and socialisation is another tactic. You come live with me and I change your habits. The French and Portugues called it assimilation.

Usifikirie ni by accident that Jomo Kenyatta found himself studying in England. He was in fact undergoing indoctrination. Preparation. Induction into British ways.

If you look at Turkey today, there is nothing Islamic about Turkey. Turks dress and look like Europeans.

Germany has assimilated Turkey into another Germany.

You look at the people coming back to Somalia from the U.S akina Ilhan Omar…

The people of Somalia have no idea that those are not Somalis. Those are Americans.

One reason Trump went to North Korea was to see for himself if the boy king is a true socialist.

Remember that Kim Jong Un was raised in Switzerland and loved NBA. Trump shook his hand to see if he had been flipped. If he was reasonable.

Kim’s father possibly desired future changes which is why he sent his kids to the west.

Many African Americans are deeply religious. They were among the first immigrants to travel and settle in Israel. Tumia Google.

Secondly everyone in Israel joins the army ukifikisha 18 years. So you cant say that a certain group are being used as mercenaries. Plus you only serve for 2 to 3 years.

Even Jews un the U.S sometimes come over to serve. Arabs join at their own pleasure sio must.

It’s seen as a way to gain discipline and lose weight. Israel is a very liberal country. If you want to smoke weed all day no one cares. The disco life there can kill you. Jews like to party and enjoy life to the max.

To many Israelis they welcome military service as a way to refocus life yaani to become serious. You will find Ethiopians who got swallowed into that party lifestyle wakapotea kabisa. Wanalala kwa street high 24/7.

They never show you this Israel. Israelis can party for a week non stop.

They have some of the best DJs on earth. Mbwe mbwe.


I had never looked at it in that way.

Enyewe @patco umeiva research mbaya :D:D:D. Ukikuja New Jersey ama Illinois for your tenureship in a local community college (because I am sure wewe ni education related guy), unitafute tukunywe budweiser ama Starbucks. :smiley:

Vienyeji suafi.

Mecho ime ng’ara

Dont care,not even two rats arses

Even this. Tomba israel