Hamas and Israel are at it and they are back to war. If I may ask where was Israel located before 1948?

In the Holy Book, its indicated that both countries actually existed. Palestine and Israel existed with those ancient tribes.

What happened to Israel that they found themselves with no land and what led to all this

Lakini the Jews pia can be assholes. They have been mistreating the Arabs for a very long time. Wanapata Arabs in a mosque and harass them over and over again. Its only right the Arabs fight them. Ama Jews bado wakona juu ya vile walifanyiwa na Hitler.

Summary in layman’s language

Summary in musical form

Before 1948 the area we call Israel was occupied by Arabs, Jews and Christians. Both Palestinians and Jews have holy sites in what is currently called Israel.
However, a good population of Jews had emigrated to Europe before even Jesus’ time.
When Israel was declared a state in 1948, about 9M Jews were living in Europe and they started emigrating back “home”. Hapo ndio shida ya Israel expansion ilianzia.

Here: Israel occupation? debunked.