Israel Vs Syria

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hiyo ni comparison ya vita ya jaluo na gsu:D

About the middle east region geo political consultants, how is all this related to milking camels?

Israel bombed Syria
Syria shot down F-16
Israel launches another larger invasion

Ndio naona, started with Iran sending a drone into Israel from a base in Syria. Israel downed the drone and sent a few F-16s to bomb the control centre operating the drone.

Iran interests in Syria do not favor Israel. Iran(Shiites) is winning dominance over Middle East over Saudi Arabia(Sunnis). Shiites vs Sunni kind of thing.

Now Israel and Sunnis have come to some kind of deal to protect themselves. USA is a friend of both Israel and Saudi. Russia has interests in Syria.

Gear up for some interesting geopolitics

Kama kawaida wale wezi Israel na uchokozi. Hawakutosheka na kuiba Golan Heights. But Hezbollah is not the Hamas they’re used to harassing. They can only launch airstrikes, if they attempt a ground invasion then they’ll be given a very nice hot fuck.


Kuna mtu atagongwa hapa ashangae. Why bully Israel while the “mad one” is in the white house?

True, the Israel - Hezbollah war in 2006 ended in a stalemate with both sides having a bloody nose. Tho. Lebanese civilians suffered the most

I can tell you for free that it is Israel that has been doing all the bullying. They’ve made it clear that they must attack Iran to prevent Tehran from acquiring a nuclear bomb. Izo story za drone ni excuse za upuzi. Iran and Syria are fighting wars on multiple fronts, why the hell would they risk opening another front with Israel?

Israeli pilot. recuperating, after his F-16 was intercepted. he’s lucky he dint find himself on enemy territory. angejua hajui.[ATTACH=full]156669[/ATTACH]

I despise the Jews and Arabs. It will be my greatest joy to see them massacre each other.

Middle Eastern history is full of stupid wars that always begin with the Arabs and their allies over-estimating themselves and poking a hornets nest

Israel is just looking for an excuse to insert itself into the Syrian crisis; they need to tame Iranian influence in the new Syria.

Why would the Arabs start the “wars”?

Because they hate the Israelis deeply and sometimes get tempted to believe that their landmass, population and militaries are enough to push Israel into the sea. Wapi!