Israel VS Palestine



Pali-nazi prokopanda imezidi sana

Fact: Palestine was coined by the Romans when they chased Jews from their homeland, they named Judea after their biblical rivals the Philistines to rub it in.

Fact: They were no Palestinian nationality before 1947


Tulia kwenu kariokoo bila kupayuka payuka kama Malaya. How sure are you ? Jews in the first place attacked people of Canaan in BC since their prophet told them God gave them that land to kill all people and possess it . Stop opening your mouth before knowing facts . Philistines occupied that land before Jewish pigs . They should coexist peacefully bila kulimana .


The photos say exactly what you have said. This is prove wewe ni mkamba mjinga with a single digit IQ meffi wewe


Mlamba Meffi mitoto ya Malaya siogei about the picture, am talking to the other guy saying Israel wako kwao . I can’t quote a stinking skunk like you son.
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SMH So unareply comment ya thread ingine kwa thread yangu? Another prove you have a single digit IQ. Mkamba mjinga meffi sana


Ulipona Ile kisonono ulipata huko dungeons Kwanza ?labda it’s affecting your brains

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Let me end it here because if you argue with a idiot no one will see the difference

@cortedivoire @PERDITION Leo ni Sunday patateni langata cemetri you square it out like men.


Jews are always being chased from somewhere by someone who no longer wants anything to do with them… explain that.

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It’s better an idiot than a filthy swine who licks women excreta and tells people thinking its a brilliant idea . Mbwa ya mtu

Pia huko americunt siku moja watakimbizwa.

Bullcrap. Jews are loved in all their host nations, they are a tremendous asset and a civilized people in any country.

Fun fact: Nani ameshinda Nobel Prize ya Economics huu mwaka :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Hint: not some islamo arab ghasia busy oppressing his womenfolk

Nyinyi wote bure haki ya mungu, if you thinking skills can’t help you distinguish between your real foes and friend you are doomed. Israel has kept and continues keeping this country safe from Shabaab and other Islamic fanatics by sharing vital security intelligence with ours.

Who will run Google, Facebook, Starbucks and gazillion other conglomerates which they operate?

You don’t seem to understand that America’s brain trust is said people.

Simpleton. Keep chasing sex

Upussy. Not in those shitpit na Niko Tu Sawa.