Israel the propaganda kings

They deleted the video.

Collabo with CNN.


@Aka_mpole Oscar’s goes to Israel.

Hasbara manenos.

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@aka_mpole :
HAMAS has been severely degraded as a fighting force …

Cowardly ISIS , Hezbollah ( and Iran ) did not join the fight as they promised and HAMAS is now on their own against the toughest fighting force in the Middle East …Israel.

All that is left now is mopping up and blowing up all those tunnels.

I have a feeling that in the foreseeable future, GAZAN’S will never make the mistake of ever harbouring HAMAS in their midst again …:smile::fire:

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Hapo sawa :rofl::rofl::rofl:


I remember the “nyeff-nyeff” from Juveniles in here on 8th October that HAMAS and Hezbollah will wipe out Israel …

Didn’t happen…
Won’t ever happen…
Ever … :smile:

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