Israel should be given Golan Heights permanently

I was shocked to travel around Israel in only one and half day.
A sickeningly small country.
As I washed my hands on river Jordan I could see the rocky Golan Heights less than 5kms away. Empty, barren and inviting. Syria is a big country when compared to Israel, it will take it decades to redevelop Damascus outwards after the ongoing devastating war.
Can they give Wayahudi Golan Heights, after all they lost it in a fair war. @messiahette, pray unceasingly, it can happen.

some what you are saying is that Kenya should also give up most of Northern Kenya to the “Arabs” because it’s rocky, empty and barren?

…and inviting

Bottomline is Syria lost it during war.

aggression has never justified ownership

Israel is much poorer than it is perceived in Western media circles but rich and successful compared to Vumbistan countries. Tel Aviv specifically is a glorified Westlands. Also almost everyone there uses Redmi/Oppo.

It has…check out the viena convention on the law of treaties.

Absolutely brother, not one inch will be lost. All of Golan, West Bank, Gaza Strip and East Jerusalem belongs to Israel ONLY.
The Bible repeatedly affirms that Israel is the only nation ever created by God. He chose Israel and proclaims the Jewish people as His treasured possession (Deuteronomy 7:6). In Genesis 12:3, God promised to bless those who bless Israel and curse those who curse Israel. He has fulfilled that promise. No world power has ever persecuted the Jews and remained great. The Jewish people have given enormous gifts to human civilization. The most important man in the world (Jesus), the most important book in the world (the Bible) and the most important organization in the world (the Christian church) all originated in Israel.

This is quite shocking coming from an African

Only in the admiral maritime law which is only applicable to corporations, and not applicable to Men, women, boys and girls, if you know you know

Get this clear. Israelis treat African immigrants like garbage

Many. Chile took chunk of Bolivia making it landlocked to date.
Japan lost Sakhalin islands


That’s a worn out comeback, it doesn’t work anymore.

It’s neighbors Jordan, Lebanon and even the poor Egypt are far worse on how they treat sub-saharans

Israel size is smaller than isiolo county

Golan Heights are startegic for Syria to attack Israel. They won’t give it back

True, the way it looks “down” on Israel is worrying, that is why Israel should keep it

Punguza chang’aa. The inhabitants of Israel are khazarian fake Jews who immigrated from Europe. Jews used to live in peace with Arabs. Zionist ndio wanachangia hio vita.

Never argue with a Fool. Kama kuna weza kuwa na soko ya watu wajinga. Huyu na peleka wa Kwanza nikule hio pesa.