Wameogopa kuingia pale gaza na infantry.

Take away the tanks, and Hamas will finish them off like mburkenges.

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3* Bunker buster per Building.


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Unataka sasa netanyahu apigane na hamas villain mangumi kama movies?


Guerrilla war hawawezani, uliza USA pale Mogadishu


War Israel GIF by The Guardian

I’m afraid a ground offensive might pose alot of danger to the Israeli forces. Ofcourse Hamas will be taking hid in those deserted buildings and rubbles. They’ll be unlishing incredible ambushes on those Israeli forces. Will be a dangerous operation.
Anyway siwes hurumia hao magaidi, walichokoza nyuki and now let them face the music. The whole of Gaza should be flattened and returned to square zero. No Mercy

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Good sir, just the other day, you were assuring us that Israel is (or is it was) going down. Wettin dey happun now?


Wewe ni oga :joy:


Let them invade Gaza if they have the BALLS

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Paw Paw Reaction GIF

Why go on ground when you can finish old bomb stocks from above with zero casualties :rofl:


Kwanza ilikuwa “Hamas wamefika Tel Aviv”, then you only discovered that it was rockets, and that it wasn’t even the first time they have been directed there.

Then it turned into, “Hamas wameingia Israel wanamaliza watu huko”.

Then now it is…

Hizi story zako ni kama zile conquests za dem akikuja kwa pigsty ya mans na mini skirt ya spandex alafu anaanza kusema “hata sikawii”! Anajua atamangwa but kenye anasema ni different na kenye itafanyika. Hata wewe unajua Israel wataingia Gaza wakitaka na hakuna kenye dunia mzima itafanya.

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My issue is how the israelis army is overated.

Soldier to soldier, they dont stand a chance.

Heck, just remove US backing, and see how it goes

If there is a soldier who is very highly motivated, then it’s the Israeli soldier. The very existence of the state of Israel rests on them. I watched reports of Israeli reservists working abroad abandoning their jobs and rushing back home to join the fight and defend the motherland. Can a Kenyan do that?

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Can you question the motivation of the Hamas fighter?

Seems you have been watching too many Rambo and chuck norris movies. Wars are never fought omundu khu mundu. The strategy is to always bomb to weaken the enemy and destroy his infrastructure and communications, logistics and then move in with armoured tanks kumaliza the enemy completely on the ground.


Israel army is not overrated. You fuck around and you’ll find out for yourself like Hamas has done for the last 16 or so years. Hamas too has funding from Iran, Qatar and so on. Hata juzi si ndege toka Iran imejaa explosives ilikua inaenda Syria ili zitumwe kwenye Hamas wapo? Were it not for the bombing of that airport, Hamas would have received the “missive” with thanks.

Thing is, at this point, no amount of war is giving Palestine any benefit.

Question should be: Why is Egypt, a sworn Israeli enemy, barring Palestinians from leaving through their borders? What do they know that the rest of us don’t?

Israelis are motivated.
Hamas has nothing to loose, they are ready to die.

What motivates the Hamas terrorist apart from the promise of virtual 72 virgins after death? I doubt if the virgins exits!!
On comparison the Israelis army is quite knowledgeable n determined…They have done some of the scariest rescue missions ever known. The Hamas attack could have exposed the Israel but I can bet that Mossad will sent agents to track down each of the terrorist that participated in this massacre. Maybe to better understand this you could read “The English Teacher” by Yiftach Atir. Uliza Egypt and Iran or closer home Uganda for their bravery.

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Hizbolla na hiyo kelee yote walikunja mkia?