Israel Adesanya VS Sean Strickland

How did this fight go, not seeing any results or highlights online.

strickland gets the win over adesanya. he rocked izzy several times.

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Just saw the highlights, The Last Stylebender has become soft.

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conspiracy theorists say the match was fixed.

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Adesanya fights too often. He was very flat in the fight. His kicks were blocked at 95% rate, which means he was telegraphing the kicks. I think he was fighting injured. His last fight he took quite a number of kicks, in fact he was about to loose.


Maybe it’s time the division moves on. Izzy aliwachilia hio kitu

No, he just found someone who was a stylistic nightmare for him. Sean had Izzy on the backfoot the whole time and he wasn’t getting reckless for Izzy to counter him. He also had that philly shell defense that Izzy just couldn’t crack

Sean also spammed Izzy with jabs which is a known weakness for Izzy, in fact Izzy admitted he just don’t know how to avoid jabs after his second fight with Whittaker

Izzy is one of the most prolific strikers. He did very little in this fight. He was on the defensive the whole fight. So his training camp got it wrong, they completely underestimated Sean. But you are right, some fighters are just a matchup nightmare, just like Ali couldn’t beat Frazier, then Frazier goes to fight George Forman and gets demolished. Then Ali beats Foreman.