ISP kwa maji stage, Kangundo road. Mowlem

Kindly anyone who knows ISP for cyber hapa kwa Maji Stage, Kangundo road. Mowlem.
Nimekosa all other options like ZUKU, Safaricom home, JTL fibre home.
Kindly any information will be appreciated. You can inbox for any relevant contacts, thanks

Ungekuwa Nasra ungechukua Safcom fibre hata JTL imepita Spine Rd. lakini saa hii I think tembelea watu wa Orange.

JTL faiba4g ya Mbugua ndio solution kwa sasa. Nunua modem yao.

tafta jamaa anaishi hapo nasra aweke fibre then akurushie kwako na m5

hapo labda nano station ikusaidie hizi sides walitukataa

Ooh, halafu monthly itakua ngapi for unlimited?

I called them, wakasema hapo bado

Telecom ni unlimited ni 50gb then the remaining period ni 1 mbps, but inakaa 512kbps, Juu hio speed hata haiload kwa machine moja

Hehe 5 million?

tafuta airtel post paid wako na unlimited internet at only 3499 per month

Thanks @nobert this has really helped me, I acquired it and I still use it, very fast and reliable. Thanks alot

My experience exactly, they lie you get 6gb everyday reset at midnight on the homeplan 4k. The problem is the quotas do not reset. They reset first few days, but I think they have controls in place limiting your speed after say 50gb a month, EVEN THOUGH you have not hit the 6gb daily. It is so frustrating, you feel robbed, but then you move on. Last month I am subscribed to this rubbish

I used Telecom sometimes back around 2017 with unlimited of 4k a month the internet is only active in the morning hours, after a few downloads is starts to hung for the rest of the period.
Airtel postpaid at 3500 a month is the VERY CORRECT I can recommend to anyone. Hata ukiwa na 500 at the start of the month utaeka ianzange utaongezea huko the following week. And the speed is 4g, the recommended router is 7500 that can work all the time without burning out, but they have a smaller version of 4500 which you have to be disconnecting Everytime.
Speed 4G at around 15.5 downloading and 28.6 uploading, so comforting for me