Isn't it ironic that moslems hate western lifestyle but want the freedom and advantages Western countries offer?

This is something that has always baffled me. You look down on America and the West in the name of being a moslem then you realize that Islamic countries are not great so you want to go back to the West or America.

You go to Western countries or Christian countries like Kenya and you want to look down on them and force Islam on them but when you are taken to the 100% moslem country like Somalia, you don’t want the chaos there. You want to enjoy the perks of non moslem countries but you hate them bcz they’re not moslem. If you are so devout go to a moslem country and stay there with out complaining please. Iwe funzo.

She knows about her rights to return to America but thought nothing of the right of other Americans not to be killed or attacked by ISIS. What hypocrisy.

Isn’t it ironic how nations with oil are in dire need of democracy?

The west created them that way, with monarchies feigning authority from Allah, so that they could deal with few to exploit the oil

Garbage projection of low IQ African victim mentality.

Most oil and gas rich ME countries control their own resources have done very well for themselves which makes this “deal with few to exploit the oil” statement retarded.

Oil=wealth. It’s a deceptive control of the people by intentionally meshing religion with politics, so it becomes hard to question authority at all, since when you become critical of a political leader who is using religion to rule, (eg. one telling your women they can’t walk around showing their hair, and making laws to enforce it, and punishing the errant–by earthly law!) it begins to look as if what you’re questioning is the religion, not the man-made laws and the people making them. Not being free to question simple things like dressing and other social behaviour means you cannot question bigger things, like how your national wealth is being used.
Religion should be delinked from political leadership and legislation, if people are to be free.

Historically inaccurate

You do not understand. They do not go to Western/christian countries just for the sake. They go there to increase their numbers, gain economic and political power, then eventually dominate/conquer. French Moslem population is currently at about 10 per and with their five children per woman policy (a man is allowed up to four remember?) the numbers are rising exponentially while indigenous population suffers gentrification and decline.
Look around you - which communities are thriving economically?

Religion IS political leadership and legislation, it’s one and the same thing.

This is the problem. You can’t question God, coz there is no democracy in that spiritual relationship. But in man-man administrative relationships, it’s imperative to be able to question people, essentially because man is selfish and unjust–or you’ll get oppressed. That’s why people need to resist the use of religion to support politics.

The problem is that once they are the majority they will turn the place into a war zone. They love Christian and western countries for the freedom and stability.

Wars are an investment. They are an enterprise to rob people of their resources and/or their power and ability.

I know the problem is spiritual brokers interpretation of the gods will, but if you cannot beat them join them. From within is how you beat them

I would pay for a tutorial on so doing with success

There is no tutorial since each con artist employs different tactics to scare their sheep, but a soul that truly accepts the grace of the lord is a formidable force to reckon with don’t you think?

Think local, informal group elections on officials have an overwhelming over representation of bible thumpers, but with a decent command of rhetoric and a bit of height it becomes probable to topple their ambitions