Mbona hawa watu wanacry wolf when they are called up to their shit. And at most times the irony! And most times the opposite is true. Christianphobia. In Pakistan they force non members to convert to islam, rape and force down religion to vulnerable members to the society. Most countries have accepted muslims and islam but the opposite is false. Try opening a church in gulf. When you go to their countries, and interact to the people they ask you if you are muslim as if that has anything to do with anything. Only God knows what goes on their states. The worst shit goes on there. You can’t imagine. Black muslims ignore the racism. This religion can be described as white arab supremacy.

Yes.I disagree with wajackoya when he says 4 working days,1 is a muslim holiday.Lets stick to a secular state.Anyone with religious feelings should figure out themselves how to

Miguna claims in his book,peeling back the mask,raila made a deal with muslims to back him in return he declares Coast and North Eastern as muslim only areas.WTF???
Is that even legal?

Muslims want space to do their islam but they are not ready to give space to non muslims.

I hear people say a muslim will one day lead and I laugh,if it must happen atakua someone not strict.

do black muslims even see the racism

Islam is the religion of the Devil.

That is was the Saudi Royals want. Do you know the Saudi Royals? Those people are damn shit