Islamization of Kenya

Hii kitu ya Nigeria ishughulike na boko haram aache sumbua wakenya na hii ushens my ancestors are my g’s huyo ya wazunye enda aambia Britain.Hata mshughulike na immigration sgida ya Nigeria so ya Kenya au Africa and vice versa & we are not fellow Africans say kenyans

Prof. Herman Manyora and Dr. James Nyoro have reverted back to Islam recently, if you asked them a few years back if they’d ever become Muslims, they’d answer in the negative, you don’t know what the future holds for you, I used to swear years ago that I’d rather die than become a Muslim, look at me now.

no really. id die

That’s some missionaries move but wouldn’t be surprised if some Muslims did that too.
Anyways for the majority of all, Muslims don’t force anyone to become Muslim, weather they fund a project or not. Thats not how Islam works.

Mr akin, what’s the history of Islam in Nigeria? Unbiased history, don’t give us your opinion.
The fact that you say God spoke to you already damages your credibility on any matter. That’s not how it works anymore, God doesn’t speak to people anymore the way youre trying to put it. That’s some conman move you’re trying.
How exactly are Muslims trying to islamize Kenya?
As far as I know Kenya is a multi ethnic country and all religions are accommodated for in the constitution.

This Nigerian turd comes here to spread propaganda thinking that we are that brainwashed. Go prophesize to your fellow compatriots. They have bigger problems than Kenyans.

I disagree, I know some food technologist guys and other staff members who were dismissed from a hotel in Eastleigh since they were non- Muslims.

Please do not neglect this call. If you know anyone that mean well for Kenya, relay to them, and let everyone pray against this.

My statement is in regard to charities and projects. And also as stated majority of Muslims wouldn’t do it.

BY the time they will have Islamized me and my 10th generation will be long dead, next topic?

OP don’t worry, Kenya is a doomed overcrowded and aids infested artificial country which will eventually cease to exist as a country.

I am for the constitution and the existence of law and order.

If you wish to bow to Allah then peace unto you
If you wish to bow to Yahweh then peace unto you too

Bora sheria ifuatwe