Islamization of Kenya

Good afternoon fellow Africans. Akin is my name, and I am from Nigeria. Ordinarily, I have no business registering with this online forum, but the urgency of the message I have for you comrades necessitated this.

In the middle of the Night 6 October 2018, the Lord gave me a revelation of a stealthy plan going on in Kenya. I saw the American president-Donald Trump, trying to force the Nigerian president-rtd Major General Mohammad Buhari to adopt a better policy that means well for the citizenry, but he rejected, claiming he preferred the kind of policy being stealthily implemented in Kenya, because it has a hidden agenda to Islamize the nation. Now I don’t know what is going on in Kenya, I am not much conversant with Kenya politics. But, in Nigeria here, there is a strong plan on ground to Islamize the nation, and the president and his cohorts are so determined on this. Now, seeing his response to Donald Trump in this revelation tells me that such plan is going on in Kenya. Comrades, this is mar or make time for us. We need to arise and pray unto the God of heaven. The Africa continent has suffered enough of ignominious assault. Please pray for Kenya. NB: Though, we may not be a prophet, but God has given us some privilege of seeing into imminent and future events. Pls don’t joke with this message. God bless Kenya, God bless Africa.

And the Lord has also given me a revelation that this is not your usual handle

IOW Bingwa chieth unasumbua billionaires! Oh by the way “night 6 October 2018” haijafika bado…brare fwakin siet

6th of October starts from 12 am in the middle of the night while you were still sleeping.


Have no worries, Kenyan Muslims tunakata maji nao, wanakula mutura na ngombe zimechinjwa na Non Muslims.

Mavi tupu!!! Yaani you’re a piece of shit!! Ati the Lord gave you a revelation. Sichoovit!!

Continue fighting amongst yourselves huko Nigeria msituletee kisirani huku tafadhali.

That’s enough for me. I just stopped there … please our women need careful of these Oga men.

Cool your Muslim self dude. In Kenya money talks bullshit walks.

This guys who claim that God speaks to them, tick me off.

Anatafuta sadaka. A green snake in grass dude. Muslims haven’t forced anyone to a Mosque in Kenya.

kenyaa is 85% christian unlike nigeria where you are 45% muslim , a muslim will never be president in kenya

Maybe, but I am telling you there is a plan in the pipeline. Turkey used to be 100% Christian.

What has Christianity done for the world? Our ancestors religion went extinct. If it’s time for Christianity so be it.

May the Lord forgive you, for you know not what you are standing for.

id die before converting to a muslim

This could be true… I will not dismiss you. Muslims aren’t selfish people, mostly they help and fund your education as long as you convert… Now, many organizations are mostly funded by Muslims chini ya maji… I mean below the water. But I don’t see how trump is involved…
I have nothing against the Muslim religion but I’d prefer each to mind their own…

Hii kitu c aende Ntalk na hii mungu yake tukikuwa Muslims inakuumia wapi.Ongea na hiyo mungu yako ya vuduu na juju polepole huku tunapour libations shens.

I bow to no God or Gods.

To borrow a quote from Donald Trumps people a.k.a the Americans… HOGWAAAASH!