Islamic Police in Kano, Nigeria ban ‘Black Friday’

[SIZE=7]Police in Kano, Nigeria ban ‘Black Friday’[/SIZE]
Friday, November 27, 2020
A police vehicle in Sheka neighbourhood in the northern Nigerian city of Kano.
Islamic police in northern Nigeria’s biggest city Kano have warned against using the “Black Friday” sales term, saying it hurts the sensibilities of Muslims.
In a letter sent out on Friday and seen by AFP, the Hisbah agency told private radio station Cool FM radio to stop advertising a ‘Black Friday’ promotion.

“We wish to express our concern on the tagging of the Friday as ‘Black Friday’ and further inform you that, the majority of the inhabitants of Kano state are Muslims that consider Friday a Holy Day,” the letter stated.
“You are requested to stop calling the day as Black Friday with immediate effect.”
According to the letter, the Hisbah got wind of the sales promotion following a complaint from residents.
The radio station has in the last few days advertised a promotion involving sales at local shopping centers and a concert which was expected to draw major crowds.

The Hisbah informed the organizers that it has deployed its personnel to the venues for surveillance to avoid “any immoral activities”.
The radio station has not responded to the letter.
Kano is a conservative Muslim city where religious clerics commonly preach against western culture.
The Hisbah was formed to impose the Islamic Sharia law after Kano reintroduced it in 2000.
“Black Friday” — the day after the Thanksgiving holiday in the US — has become a global phenomenon with shops offering discounts and promotions.

I support

hii si ni uchokozi sasa…

The world needs to consider seriously how to deal with muslims conclusively, once and for all.

First of all why is black friday even a term in Nigeria, the giant of africa? You africans want people to take you seriously when you dont even have your own culture but outside culture. If Africans had even the slightest mentality as these african muslims have in their preservetion of their culture then Africans wouldn’t be so lost as they are now. What more do you have to give away as you have given all most everything about yourself? The only real thing left in Africa is African music and other than that nothing else.

mimi kama chaiman wa immoral activities watanifanyaje?

Ata mimi nimekataa huu ujinga. When we were young Chrismas was the only western holiday we recognized. Now middle class idiots like @uwesmake along with accepting gay practices they celebrate Thanksgiving, Halloween, Gay Pride, Easter, Black Friday, etc etc etc etc.

Tumechoka na huu uzungu wa kijilumbikisha.

Northern Nigeria is full of the lowest IQ bonobos that this continent has ever produced.

They don’t want to relinquish power yet they want everyone to follow their adopted foolish customs of Arab slave traders.

The sooner that nation splits up, the better for all concerned.

African Muslims were some of the most prolific slave traders in history. Ignorant hotep

And whose culture are these “African muslims” preserving? Islam is based on Arabic culture. There is nothing African about Islam.

i dont understand how an arab who sees you as an animal can threaten you with death if you dont accept his arab religion , sell your sister to be a wh*re servant and remove your identity as a human being by telling you to accept his arab ways and forget your culture…alafu unaona you (an african) are there threatening your brother to convert to your arab god or else kill you…you are a nigga and your god is arab , are you mad …you kill and sell your african brother because of a foreign arab god in a place your sister is being raped daily and worked to death…let me ask , who is the confused idiot here…

…im also not in support of christianity , its all bullsh*t…

Most Africans who converted to Islam did so to avoid being sold into slavery.

Their silly grandkids and great grandkids have forgotten this and become more devout than actual Arab muslims. Reality always checks in when they go to the land of their Arab masters who treat them with more racism than the Europeans they hate.

It always makes me laugh when I see Somalis and Swahilis complain of racism in the ME. They really thought they were special lol.

china hawataki waislamu ata kidogo , they should tell us why ?

Dont write low IQ nonsense… Being a muslim didn’t have anything to do with being a slaver… The west african coasts practised african religions as they were selling other africans into slavery… The first europeans to arrive in Africa were the portuguese who did so in Angola and the ruling kings of the then Kongo Kingdom converted to christianity from their african religions as they were selling hundred thousands, millions of africans whom many ended up in South American countries like Brazil.

And its funny you are here attacking me like i defended islam, if you read my posts i did not write anything regarding how good islam is but that african muslims fight to preserve their culture. Bonobo.

I agree… I was talking about their mentality which you would understand if you could comprehend the post… Its the same as christian africans preserving western christian culture more than pure authenthic african culture and calling it backwards. Its about the mentality of africans.

It depends on which part of Africa… Most of western africa didn’ convert to islam based on warfare and slavery but through trade which went from west africa to north africa and arabia peninsula. Thats why West Africans practise the Maliki school of islam which is only found there and is one of the most tolerant form of islam. Thats why religion has never been an issue in west africa like other countries, like in Sierra Leone which is a majority islam country with a devout roman catholic president. But recently Wahabihsm from Saudi Arabia has been spreading in the sahel and countries like Nigeria. If you look at all the terrorist in Nigeria they all practise Wahabihsm.

But islam is different in the swahili coast.

100% agree.

Northern Nigerians trying to be more Arab Muslim than actual Arabs will never not be funny. To quote a famous author:

“Arabs were the most successful imperialists of all time; since to be conquered by them (and then to be like them) is still, in the minds of the faithful, to be saved’.”

  • VS Naipaul