Islamic brain rot

Islam is extremely strict and that’s why hijawai nibamba. Heri niende sala yangu ya 1 hour, father anihubirie and i am done with the spiritual issues.


Maombi ya kidini si mbaya. Shida ni the Arabic populace was at some point in the past known for being pros at certain things. Nowadays it is just religion and lifestyle, and they expect to deal with the West and US.

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A few thoughts

2024 years ago , a Saviour was gifted to us to set the record of the Creator straight , clarify issues of Spirituality and lead us back onto the Right Path

It seems some among us had enough of him after just 33 years and we crucified him

But …
He did not leave us alone
He left behind a Comforter , the Holy Spirit

During life’s Challenges and Difficult times , lean on this resource that is freely available for guidance and remaining grounded

We live on a planet where it seems Right has been abandoned for Wrong , Good for Evil , Just for Unjust and Meekness for unbridled , destructive Power

And increasingly , lately , I suspect a Major Reset of some kind is on the way


Be ever Vigilant and Prepared:innocent:

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Say it simply …

We have collectively strayed from our true destinies and instead embraced our dark sides …

I got a lot of inspiration watching the Star Wars original trilogy ( Star Wars , The Empire Strikes Back , Return of the Jedi ) and Lion King … :blush:

Reset is always happening. If you are waiting for one big reset ole wako, you will be on your death bed 100 years from now and still there will be no spiritial reset of any form.

On the other hand, all superpowers die. We had UK, before that, netherlands, portugal, e.t.c. and the mayans on the other side. None survived. So ata US itapita tu

All manner of resets constantly occur …
Minor and Major …
Empires rise and fall …

A Flood is Minor …
A Tsunami is Major …

It is the Major One’s that I am referring to…:blush:

It depends on the intent and purpose

You can’t pray and pretend piousness while you subjugate , marginalize , exploit , terrorize or cancel others on grounds that you are pursuing your religious agenda:angry::fire:

The only aspect that Arabs and their religion seem to have gotten right is the marriage part, where a man can marry up to four wives and divorce them at any time…


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Acha wakupate :slightly_smiling_face:.

Ukisearch Malaysia pale xvideos unapata madem wako na futhi bila matanye

of the two evils
better islam devils religion than your homosexual masters agenda