Isikuti Love

Good night wadau and wadau(ress).

Lovelie and groove, very soothing.

Huyu ni bibi wa rafiki wangu. Very decent lady.

Hapo sawa!
Something original!
That’s what Kenyan musicians have always lacked.
Something that makes sense the First time you listen.

The hot looking girls don’t harm the palatability of the video either!..
(Just saying)

kitambo nikiwa campo kwa bash huyu dem alichew kama si uoga ninge rape .

Eh ako na a very soothing voice nimeskiza hiyo yake “Kuna watu na viatu”


So, “it is good”?

This is dope… I think for the beat, the beatsmith did some biting from a Madonna song called don’t tell me… A dope song though.

What’s your tally so far ango?. Seems you were born fuck, this is your talent.

Lead singer naeza Ronda dfhkm

I looove Mayonde!!!

Very kuti music

I agree, isi kuti music

I love the tune -thank you Desoto!!