Ishtar manenos..

I always reflect on mainstream ‘Christian’ logic i.e. Torturing and Killing someone’s son gets you in his good graces and drinking the symbolic equivalent of said sons blood and eating his flesh will somehow purify you of being a twatt. Read the book properly, when Yeshua comes back it won’t be to save anyone, it will be to annihilate his enemies. And in this case enemy would probably mean those that think his death was a good thing, after all the world going dark for hours after he died is a good sign right?

His enemies are already dead, what will he come for, their skeletons? Ama for those who believe the earth is flat…those twats!!!..PWEGEGE

Si wewe kwanza naskia hizo open umevaa ulitoka mbio nazo ata kabla ceremony haijaisha…

Next Sunday will be the 1st of April, all those who are fond of April fools jokes take note it will be on a Sunday so please spare us the lies.