Isambard Kingdom Brunel - one of the greatest figures of the Industrial Revolution

Brunel has been termed as “one of the 19th century engineering giants”
According to Jeremy, presenting the video below, Brunel built Britain, Britain went on to Build the world hence Brunel built the world.

This fellow like many others of his time had no China to go to for aid or technical assistance but they did it, they remade the world.

According to wiki in a 2002 poll conducted by the BBC, Brunel was placed as the second greatest Briton, behind Winston Churchill.

So how did they do it without external assistance?

When Brunel was 15, his father Marc, had accumulated debts of over £5,000 and sent to a debtors’ prison. Marc let it be known that he was considering accepting a job offer from the Tsar of Russia. In August 1821, facing the prospect of losing a prominent engineer, the British government issued Marc £5,000 to clear his debts in exchange for his promise to remain in Britain.


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The brits had a great deal of “external assistance” at that time it was known as colonialism, that was the IMF that financed those great projects at zero interest!!!
If only kenya could colonize europe or china;) we too would have massive developments without the need for IMF loans:D:D

If Kenya colonized Europe would the become innovators?

What the Brits had is not the point, Brunel was a refugee, he had ideas and he put them into action.
Hence the post was about “Innovation, Inspiration and Action that lead to Transformation” not the money. A few people with ideas and integrity and make significant changes.

Brilliant ideas need to be financed, without capital they remain just that… ideas

Those with resources in Europe invest in people’s ideas, those with capital in Kenya & Africa hoard or it is taken abroad to be hidden away.