Isaac Mwaura dumped by wife after losing position

When you acquire the title Former bla bla, courtesy of losing out, things start going south for you very fast.
Mwaura was also known as Kadinya, meaning the wife was just tolerating him for one reason or another, and it’s apparent the reason is no longer there.

Dude was flexing and he’s nominated ! very silly

He must be even sillier on the home front. He should have stuck with Uhunye. After all politics is not for the honest. Mjinga sana huyu.

I don’t see any other nomination coming his way soon.

He will be ze next Ruiru MP.
Take this to Kwift and get a loan from Swara

Maybe, maybe Not. I wish him all the best.

He was looking for a soft landing in 2022. Not surprised about the kunguru bailing

They are all looking for a soft landing but he misread the tea leaves.

He strikes me as the dude who always gets people worked up either kwa club or kwa bar.

You support muthamaki you win. You support the thief from sukoi you lose. Let him suffer the consequences of his choice.

Nope. I will be the next Ruiru MP. Take that to ikwity.

That was not my point meh. He was nominated. But either way I gather he has a lot of support on the ground for showing your muthamaki the mid finger.

Kama hautakuwa kwa tikiti ya UDA, you don’t stand a chance.

You can’t even be elected as the chairman of a cattle dip you mofo

You mean Jubilee ilikufa

I cant run on a party of thieves.

If that thief from sugoi takes over…it will take a maximum of 5 months for peasants cheering on right now how fucked we are.

Reason a man must invest not only invest in his family, but also in himself. But for Isaac, if the stories going round are true then his wife was just waiting for the right moment to leave, and she found it.