Is Zero Grazing Beef Cattle profitable

Who is in the Agriculture field.Is it profitable to run a zero grazing beef cattle enterprise.

I don’t know but beef farming kama Delamere’s have grazing fields.

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I don’t think so. Most beefs mi huona free range, maasai style.

But kama feeds sio expe, why not try with one bull, see how it goes? If success scale to 3, then see what happens. enda uki expand polepole

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There’s no Available of grazing fields.Kitu I Noticed is Market for a beef is always there and beef cattle are not as delicate as dairy plus not very demanding in management.Feeding ndio sijui.

Inaitwa feedlot farming…depending on how intensive it is, its profitable…also marginally costly requiring seriuos investment


Zero grazing is for dairy livestock. Unless you are raising pedigree bulls with a reliable market, forget about it.

Lease open field.


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