is Zane Kamau "Tauren?"

Both @Aka mpole and @Mrs. Chantel have in the past remarked on Tauren’s mastery of the English language, which is exhibited in all his posts. He is equipped, beyond every other talker, with erudition and amplitude of expression.

Consider the following piece of writing: ( )

The proffered post could’ve been written by no one but a writer of limitless experience.

And yet we’re asked to believe that it was authored by an obscure musician called “Zane Kamau,” about whom there’s not much information on the internet. Nothing that could even remotely indicate he is a gifted writer.

Isn’t it odd, when you think about it, that nearly every writer has an online presence? Artists delight in attracting attention to their work, and the internet is a ceaseless pipeline to the attention of multitudes. Every writer – no matter how dreadful – is proud to share their works. Everyone of them except one – the most fluent talker – Zane Kamau!

You can access Zane Kamau’s pictures, date of birth, and even his music. All of his attainments are listed on the web save one – the one skill in which he has no peer, a skill in which he excels all men – verbal prowess. His online profile makes no mention of a blog, article, or even poem. There’s not a single publication on the internet bearing his name.

Am I trying to convince anybody that Zain Kamau isn’t Tauren? No, I’m merely asking the reader to examine sincerely any evidence that seems to cast doubt upon the validity of the supposition that @Tauren and Zane Kamau are one and the same person.

Monsieur Kamau, there’s a famous quote that goes ‘when you find yourself in a hole, stop digging’

There’s a different one that goes ‘The guilty are always afraid’

Your identity was exposed due to your own stupid mistake. Sasa tulia upangwe.

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Yaani hujachoka?
Oya @Jimit @Exodus @Weyn @Ndindu kazi kwenu.

@magreb iko wapi ile picha ya jamaa analia behind a smiley mask? Jamaa bado ako in denial than aliji doxx. Still trying to sanitize himself

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Zane Kamau wacha ujinga. Nobody cares for your grammar. You are so desperate for our approval it is now becoming an unhealthy obsession. Go seek for love and approval from your two gay fathers and your clique of losers you hang out with. Sisi we are not interested even a tiny bit in this stupid things unatuandikia.

And by the way this is the second thread umecreate after seeing the first one didnt garner enough attention. Nliiona nikalenga. Thats enough evidence youre suffering from Narcissistic Personality Disorder, an inflated sense of self-importance and a need for admiration from online strangers. We dont give a fuck. Go find love from your papa and mama.

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@Uzo you have doxxed a talker by giving away his real name @administrator fukuza hii kijana

vipi @Jimit. Do you know the name of this artist?

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pic is missing. reattach it

Mwanaume anaweza kuwa attention seeking bitch ass namna hii

Reverse searched the image. Anthony Sandler

Si uwache kuchimba hivi shimo jamenii:D

Glad that several talkers have CSI brains. Ongeza kwa hio list @cheekbusta, @Aka mpole, @Bakuli Kubwa, @Sidindi Bey, @Akon City II, @Mboch Kiburi, @T.Vercetti
@Hot lanyee

As someone who did psychiatry more than 20yrs ago and found that being a psychiatrist is the easiest of all medical specialization(ongeza dentistry hapo), @patco, apart from his original handle (sic), guy uses handles that combines a noun and an adjective/ Noun and verb/ Noun and adverb.

Most obvious is his choice of handle pic. It’s almost always a single individual’s upper body and face. Huyu jamaa achunge sana akiwa Sleepless pale Seattle. Akianza bonobobusiness, local DCI wa huko will have the easiest of times nabbing him

Weuh lakini i ask kwani kuna notebook umeandika all your characters na their personalities. Nashanga venye msee anaeza kumbuka kulogout and in several times na kuandika differently. Zima internet kiasi mbwa!

You need to repeat your titty-twisting classes :D:D

@Nipe Nikusifu hudeenyer @uwesmake matako chafu Kisha @Tauren mwenye alitombwa mcoondur highschool huwa anarecord

never in my life have I ever seen someone spit a bunch of bullshit so confidently.

I’ve been accused of being @patco ever since I joined this forum but even supreme phaggots like @Jimit and @Tom Bayeye know that I’m not that mentally ill mulatto

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Zane Kamau is a bottom feeding fagget conman