Is Zakayo Mentally Fit ..?

This Question now needs to be addressed …
There are certain very disturbing signs … :rofl: :joy:


He has a phd. You have a certificate from grogon welders. Kalia hapa ghasia na unyamaze


Better that certificate that someone worked hard for it than PHd ya kununua. You mean JSKS went to classes? Toa umeffi hapa

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PhD ni Permanent Head Damage as we can attest from his utterances

UON is famous for its STD’s:blush:
( Sexually Transmitted Degrees )

Zi hakununua, he came up with the topic, was assisted to do the research. He successfully defended his proposal, data was collected and he successfully presented his findings and recommendations. Sio fala vile unafikiria.

he quoted the same figure affordable housing… man is scraping the bottom

Do you know that HIV affects the brain too?