is tujuane staged

lol… I know this is probably the dumbest question ever posted but lol…lmfao!! the dudes…lol…that was not me 20 years ago!!!
the girls almost come across like easy pickings; not in a bad way; like they are almost helping and guiding the dudes. but the dudes sound like 9 year olds with pacifiers!!
where are these girls!! I get that mongering has totally corrupted me but I want the fun of chasing these girls.
wako wapi!!!
am taking a 60 day sabbatical and am torn between august and December.
brothers, where are these girls picked up??!

meffi wewe

What is your bra size? I cant imagine that you are a 37-38 year old overgrown baby

lmfao… I guess its some thing over there…the dudes seriously sound like they would need a bra!! no thanks bro…no can do…

You are 37/38 years old for fucks sake. Stop using some juvenile words like “lmfao” etc. It is cringeworthy

this is a backroom blog. probably laden by millenials. am I supposed to sound like Leo Tolstoy?? I mean…just look at you avatar!! are you one of the boy Childs hanged to dry in tujuane…lmfao!!!

The answer to your useless question was answered when you were in baby class

much appreciated. the show is just way too funny. just ruthlessly demolishing the boy child. malicious propaganda

Take note folks. The internet police is about to tell us what words to use.

some clowns come to project their anger at life here. I was crucified for typing lol… LOL!!!

That language isn’t dying any soon, you watch, read and listen.

language is dynamic. adapt or perish

Vile junkie amesema hapo juu

Why don’t you use your sabbatical to do something constructive…like take a refresher course on how grown ups should phrase their sentences without sounding like giggling adolescents?

I’m just saying…ain’t hating.

kwa nini ma date zinawalemea hivyo? dont be angry! I get life aint easy for the boy child… sobs

you can’t work all the time. let loose once in a while

Girls/Women smell fear and self doubt faster than detection of an incoming sneeze!
Tafakari kaka.

Ok…not 100% Tolstoy…:D:D

the young princess bolkonskaya had brought some work in a golden embroidered golden bag. her pretty little upper Lip on which a delicate dark down was just perceptible,was just too short for her teeth, but it lifted all the more sweetly, and was especially charming when she occasionally drew it down to meet her lower lip.l


i love you boo
please suck me off,i promise not to bus-a-nut in your mouth