Is @TrumanCapote on drugs

Serious question?

I can’t understand how someone can post 20+ threads daily with no actual response? Kwani huna kazi @kapondi?

Just curious, you seem mentally unstable!

Muafrika unasumbua

He wants to promote his low quality you tube channels with no audience

He? Am confused

she is a 58 yr old mad woman in menopause


Ako kwa groups mimgi , most are reposts

[SIZE=7][COLOR=rgb(184, 49, 47)]TrueMAN Kapoko is a man masquerading as a woman on this website and people just believe it’s a woman with no evidence. I suspect one of the male admins on this site are in charge of that profile[/SIZE]

I disagree. She’s a lady. You would know if you knew her history here.

[SIZE=7][COLOR=rgb(184, 49, 47)]Sawa admin[/SIZE]

Hako kamama ni @Matapiko kama huu mwandiko.

Mnachokoza nyuki

@TrumanCapote is typing…

I think she got dumped by a man she was madly in love with and she just never recovered.

Jamaa aliponyoka na roho chake

I also always think something like this. Something really bad happened to her & till date she has never been over it. Anakuja kutoa mauchungu huku. Given that her posts are directed towards women & love…it has to be a relationship gone wrong.

@TrumanCapote kuja ujibu madai, hati we ni ndume admin, please prove this boy wrong by cleansing his eyes…hapa hapa tu.

Yesterday I needed a deek today I’m on drugs . Kesho Sijui nitakua kwa sukuma wiki ama? Apes I know munanitakia mazuri buh eat a banana instead and do not put it in your trousers like @Agwambo, watu wa fruit rights wako wapi? Bananas are being molested in a public forum. Orangutans hebu skizeni huyu kwanza

The ones who tried, died.

Unaonaje hizo rhymes. Kaligrahess Jones.

Mama pea io kuma yako chafu @uwesmake na umlipe mizinga mbili za gilbleys