is TRM for sale?

juzi niliona pia waterfront mall inauzwa; whats going on with these investments


TRM Selling Point (Details taken Sep. 2020)

TRM is a Fully Operational Mall along Thika Super Highway,

Sitting on 8 acres piece of land.

The developed land area is 5 Acres. It has an additional 3 Acres available for re-development

and for future expansion.
The gross built up area is approximately 500,000 Sq Ft.
To let available area is Approximately 287,000 Sq Ft.

The parking space is Approximately 770 cars
Rental income per year is Ksh 500M

This Mall has a Ready title.

Selling at Ksh 6.5 billion.

Si tuchange kama ktalk mbirrionaires tuikwachu

Rental income per year = 500M
2 years = 1Billion

Price of the mall = 6.5 Billion
Therefore to recoup your money is around 6.5 × 2 = 13 years

So after around 13 years or less you’ll have your money back and can now begin counting profits

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Weka hiyo avatar yako at the end of this statement

Why do you order people around as if Hao ni mboch wenyu mwenye anavaa biker imeraruka?

Na hii umereply aje fala hii??

Na hii umereply aje fala hii??

Lies! If that was the case they would not be selling it. Uchumi ni baya zaidi, and leaders are just creating more avenues and seats to eat money that does not exist.

There lies the issue…why should I sell a property that generates its value every 13yrs??

According to mason @Randy the village conman, that mall’s fair value is 20 billion - minimum.

Rental income = 500M.

Forking out a shilling more than 4B ni kujichenga bearing in mind that 500M is not the NOI.

It went on sale before covid.

Then some of this big investments you do not sell because it is doing bad rather moving forward to more profitable avenues. For example look at JAVA, that chain has changed hands countless times na si ati they are making losses.

so the investment vehicle probably has eyes on more profitable avenues. Otherwise I have no tangible information on this mall. Nitaulizia nijue kwa nini inauzwa

Bullshit.This is not the 18th Century boss.
No one with such a war chest would throw cash down this money pit with all the more lucrative opportunities around the world.

Hakuna logic ya upuzi naonanga kama hii. You must be the type of guy huona building inauzwa unaanza maswali za ufala ati “why is the guy selling?”. There are a million and one reasons why people sell property and caring why they are selling is usually a bonobo line of reasoning. Kama documents ni safi, na umeverify income, na engineers wameverify the structural integrity of a building, why the owner is selling should be none of your business. Maybe the investors have better investments in mind or they are simply exiting the local market for strategic reasons.

If you don’t get a joke you don’t need to display your ignorance.

Hii ng’ombe inastaili kutolewa ata. He’s the most useless filth in all of Ktalk. @administrator @Electronics4u

Conman ni babako… this right here proves my point. Simple comparative analysis and you see why the other one is 20b.

This is not a home nor is it personal item, it is bizness. So you are telling me they have identified a better venture where they will get returns than the 0.5b in an year at this particular time? They may have been making that amount at sometime but not at this time.

Anything beyond 10 years issa scam.