Is this you kwesule?



@Tommy Kwesule is a poor man who has been rejected by all girls his age

@Tom Bayeye is a bloody wanker and he is a brother to @Tommy Kwesule , they all laugh weirdly as they watch tranny porn and fap.
It’s very disturbing

incoherent buffoon

I have to propagate my genes one way or another. Survival of the fittest.

Actually, no. If I wanted to get ugly women I could, but I have high standards that cannot be met with my current financial and physical situation.

Ghassia. This is Ktalk and we play around with words. Enda ukasome kamusi kama unataka tu kuona proper English.

Nigga jinga sana wewe criticizing a black person for being bad in English yet it’s not our mother tongue. Lamba mzungu mcoosh bila kusumbua.

I take it you’re dyslexic

This story was posted back in 2020 by @ChifuMbitika


Kama kwenu hii ndio akili imebaki sioni mkitoboa


… and all that while you just sitting there watching them fap to tranny porn. What’s gayier than that?

Kohoa kabisa. Jinga yeye

Nope. Siingii chokosh war na wewe. Not today not even in yua best day. Nope!:D:D:D

umafwi thread

Umafwi thread