is this what equity PAYS staff sh!T MAN....


:oops::oops::oops: @uwesmake kuja hapa utuambie ukweli

ama ni Kuwait shillings?:D:D:D:D

Those are self reported salaries where someone can write anything but in reality they earn more.

Owners of Capital are the real enemies of the people. Never entertain them near your leaders

Inakaa true just tried a few companies najua na no much difference

Wololo. Is that gross or net salary?

Net ya equity sijui

@uwesmake unachezea number gani hapo juu? Kama mshande ndio hii i wonder how many years it will take to pay off your X6

Its net salary from employees working there. See the full salary.

Most of these people are equity wings to fly beneficially, so wanakatwa mdogo mdogo

Shida ni demand vs supply of labor that’s why Equity can pay whatever they want na hakuna kitu watu watafanya. Probably can’t even unionize or risk the sack.

Those are net… Now imagine living with that in Nairobi.

There is a post in Buyer Beware about advantages of living in Nairobi, and going through the comments it’s hard to tell what is what but from my own assessment.

If YOUR INCOME IS GUARANTEED EVERY Month and you earn less that 70k net living in Nairobi is counter productive. Even if you start a side hustle managing it in Nairobi where there is big opportunity is counter productive in that, rent, salary, follow up to the business premises, real competition, illegal competition ( you compete with someone who doesn’t pay taxes, his selling prices will be a miracle to your ears), now put saving culture, cunning staff (with a large pool of people, employees, you will find cunning characters).

For example purposes, compare 2 branch managers in Equity bank. Salary around

One lives in Nairobi, another one in Meru…

Holding everything constant a family of 2 kids plus wife plus nanny. The guy in Nairobi is badly off in every aspect even if he tries to downgrade his life to match the guy in Meru his quality of life will be very very poor.

The guy in Meru can send his kids to Fred’s, or Riddles he pays around 40k primary school, lives in Kithoka, shops from Sayeen, drives a loan car (30k a month), Sunday outing in Alba, a month in olpejeta or meru national Park and still invest in a 2m plot loan charged by the bank. Add wife salary of 100k each every constant… Who has a better prospects in life in 5 years.

A guy in Nairobi trying to get a house to accommodate whole family, kids to school in such equal schools weka 70k/term, travelling from rented house to work and school for kids, weekend outings, Car loan, still to invest in a 2m plot will be a hard task.

Nairobi need someone WITHOUT A GUARANTEED SOURCE OF INCOME add it to illegal business, illegal money, economic crimes, fraud, be the conduit of illegal money there sky is your high limit and hell is your low limit.

But a genuine working person, 8 - 5pm, no side deals, life is Wash, Rinse, Repeat until a abnormal deals comes your way.

at least hao wako na something small every month

IF your employer pays you anything above 70k per month after tax … Respect his or her job and treat it like your own business… it’s harsh out there … most Kenyan employers pay sh!t

Those figures in that website are arbitrary. They not reliable information. Better you look for a sample payslip.

Kwani how much do you think equity pays ?hio bank ni mateso tupu

with a salary of less than 70k how does one survive in Nairobi with a family?

Kujipanga tu and living according to your standards… kuepuka vitu kama Pombe malaya na raha mingi … so many people surviving with less than that … there is no little or much money … it’s all about planning

Basic entry level.