Is this true?

A buddy went to the US for one month. I have never traveled outside Kenya. Obviously, I had to ask how America is and such stories. The guy basically told me that the country is so advanced in all spheres of life that most Kenyans today will never experience it during their lifetime. According to him, going to the US is the only chance of experiencing “that life”. :confused::confused:

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that life’ involves wiping senior citizen butt suffering from lactose intolerance and inflamed hemorrhoids. They get a new perception of life

Kijiji iko slow leo

Yes its true. Imagine there’s electricity, water, people, cars, schools, roads. Heck its like a completely different world. Nothing like earth.

This is uncalled for

Don’t be pedestrian. That’s there even in Benin. He’s talking about the quality of life there.

Have you travelled outside Africa before?

Actually never travelled outside of my house.

the same quality of life can be achieved inside africa,there is the means ,but because africans have embecilic farts for brains,they choose relative politicians they can feel comfortable with,forgeting about development and enlightenment