Is this the new sexual trend?

After being systemic desensitized to geyism. Now I am noticing promotion of open relationships, poly amorous relations and swinging. Alot of women on these kiyuks channels talk of being forced to engage in 3somes by their husbands. I would expect whites to do this but black people pia wanafuata mkondo. I am shocked how this type of thing can be sustainable in a serious relationship or marriage. Yaani you just looking at your wife being screwed by not another man but many men. I no longer understand the world that I live in and it’s even more shocking for a black person to be involved in these kids of lifestyles. Boundaries are being pushed too much. It’s started out by shaming virgins and people who decide to remain celibate even if they were active before. It’s now becoming normalized that being faithful to your spouse is too much of a tall order and you can’t have an exciting sex life if you are not sleeping around. What is going on with people nowadays. Frankly it’s like living in the Era of Sodom and Gomorrah. Sad state of affairs.

I first saw this nonsense when you posted it sometime back. Why do you follow this channel?

Wtf? Ati sexual liberation? More like sexual slavery.

I just seen a documentary today about how this couple is having open relationship. The man allows the wife to bring other guys to their BR. I will get you the name l think it’s


They seems to be a push now towards normalizing that lifestyle. How long can you live like this. There’s even mature older couples doing this. Kwanza black couples. Hii dunia imeoza. Can Jesus just come back already and take us out of this morass of a society we are trapped in

Mature black women doing sex tourism too

Jesus is coming back

You must have interesting YouTube history

Yep. Today alone has vids on Swingers, gorilla glue girl, interviews of YT and radio presenter, death row, court tv closing arguments on murderersof 3 friends who were killed while fishing on a Friday night, doo wop music by Armstrong and Sinatra, Benjamin Zulu, unscripted, moments shared with Justus,everyday Shenanigans, how to cook Pizza with a double pan, forensic files, dateline 48hrs, true crime the daily podcast,chasing a Murderer, murder and makeup by Bailey Sarian.

On spotify today I listened to Everything happens, Minds of madness, Sword and scale, crime junkie, true crime obsessed, morbid, all crime no cattle, mens real, the philosophy of crime, this American life and serial.

Interesting enough for yah?

I’ve noticed this too. People are even proud that they are cheating, wives are also cheating and saying that their men can cheat too. They have no issue with it. It’s sick!

This is how brazen gey men used to be until HIV was killing them like flies. Sex is not meant to be dished out like sweets, I don’t know how it is that people never see the gravity of sex, I mean it creates human beings, what is more serious than that? Yet people want to treat it as a joke. It’s utter insanity. Geys in US would go to bath houses and parks at night which were poorly lit and have sex with upto 30 men a night who they can’t even see properly, prolly wouldn’t recognize the person if they met the next in daylight. My point is, when you push boundaries of sex what happens is it becomes something perverted. Like who has sex 30 people a night unless they are being paid? If there’s one thing I know about sex is that less is more. People who have sex with fewer people and less often have the best sex life. Not the ones of 30 people a night. It’s like eating a huge cake in one sitting, you will not enjoy, it’ll make you sick. That’s how sex is.

They look like members of Luthuli Ave business community

The woman in the middle has a YT channel on swinging. She has a job, the swinging is for fun.

These sexually adventurous people are always unattractive. Maybe their lack of attraction to each other led them down the path of exploration

Maybe, but they are still the stuff of nightmares. Hiyo fun ikae. Besides, I can’t imagine why someone would want to join a crowd of screwing strangers.

Beats me too. I once asked a man how men can drive up to a naked woman on Kstreet and pick her up butt naked, doesn’t know her from a can of paint and have sex with her bcz for me first of all a naked person walking on the street is already jarring, let’s not talk about her getting into my car and having sex with her. He told me men like strange women, yaani he used the exact words the Bible uses. Ati even if she was an albino, or a person from Mars the more the excitement and novelty. I don’t know. Understanding some things is hard.

As a conservative person I just can’t wrap my mind about it. I remember the first time I saw a mzungu a geezer take up 2 children to his room, I had trouble sleeping for a whole week. The world has really gone to the dogs.

Guys who pick up women from the street are obviously going through some personal crisis, they just wouldn’t admit it to themselves. They may be having trouble socializing with women who aren’t selling, or they could be married guys facing trouble in the bedroom. After one does so severally I guess the self condemnation may lessen, and it appears as though it’s OK, because it gives a temporal reprieve from sexual tension, like a drug. Could be the same with swinging–it’s unacceptable behaviour that one normalizes by repetition till they have zero chills about whipping out the doshi to stick it in a strange mouth, and other soft places too. But men who go for kids are the worst monsters