Is This The Highest Milk yielding Cow in the World (100Litre/day)

A Cow which doesn’t even have a name but it just having a ear tag number “4307” produces about 100 liters of Milk per day . the cow has been maintained in Al Ain Dairy which is one of the largest dairy farms in the Middle East, has about 6,000 high yielding cows.

According to Al Ain Dairy officials, it is the most productive cow in the company, which can give about 100 liters of milk per day, The cow is being milched three times a day. This cow, number 4307 is being called as “Super Cow” informally. The nine-year-old has already produced more than one million litres of milk so far — 1,040,000 to be precise,” “This super cow could be the most productive cow in the Minnddle East. It was born at Al Ain Dairy. We are proud of her. She is exceptional. We have about 6,000 cows in our farm,” The cow was initially producing milk like any other cow, but after a few years it started increasing the production. It is a black and white Holstein from Netherlands, says Kingston Fernandez, marketing Manager, Al Ain Dairy.


100?..eish! hio ng’ombe need to be cloned asap.

Minnddle East ni wapi?

moto sana.

wueh…poor cow…I can just imagine the pain when its fully laden

Ng’ombe mingi za Al Marai dairy farm zilikuwa zinatoa 80 litres per day.

Wow!!! That’s impressive, The Kenyan champion produces how many litres? For comparison purposes.


Hii KTalk imejaa ma ng’ombe tu, lakini sijui tunaweza pata litres ngapi per day

wacha watu wamalize kujikamua…


My friend is a mechanical engineer so yeye huenda kurepair machine za kukamua. One day alinipeleka to a dairy farm in Ruiru where there were over 2000 cows. Mwenye hiyo dairy farm amekafunga viserious…usidharau wakulima my fren…he drives a V8 and his wife has a Range rover…from that farm. Hii ni liquid gold. Kama ngombe mmoja anakupea 100 liters per day…that is Ksh 5500 per day from one cow. Have 20 and you will be smiling all the way to the bank. No wonder most politicians have dairy farms ocha for cash flow.

UnataKa kukamua talkers na 99.6 ni treeholders?


Thats Tassels Dairy Farm in Ruiru

Is it me but I find that cow has a pretty face. …I don’t mind having it as a pet.

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what has shiny-eyedness got to do with bestiality?

I didn’t mention beastiality. I said they like to rear punda milia. Wacha mafeelings gashwin preez