Is this the cause of high cancer cases in this country?

How poison in maize, milk is causing cancer, infertility

tudies by the Nairobi-based International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI) in October last year showed that the milk, maize, and sorghum on sale in many retail outlets contain aflatoxin, Collected samples ILRI researchers collected 403 samples of milk, maize, and sorghum flour from households and retailers in Nairobi. Aflatoxin was detected in all milk and sorghum samples and 95 per cent of the maize.

Worried by the findings, the team of medical researchers from Moi University, Eldoret, fed 12 pigs on feed contaminated with aflatoxin for 60 days. The scientists used pigs since the functioning of the animal’s body is closely related to that of humans. The scientists then slaughtered the pigs and conducted tests on three crucial body organs: the liver, the testis, and the epididymis - an organ responsible for storing and carrying sperm. Their findings, recorded in the East African Medical Journal, are stunning. Inside the epididymis of pigs fed on aflotoxin, the researchers reported tissue changes, indicating over-production of cells - a sign of early development of cancer. In the testicles, where sperms are produced, the team reported observing early abnormal swelling of blood vessels. It also reported evidence of degeneration and premature death of cells in the testis in all the pigs that ate contaminated feed.
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Why didnt they feed the pigs those same milk, maize and sorghum products from the retail shops? Where is the blind study?

This is some sensational nonsense. Either the tests weren’t done properly or Standard Meffi isnt properly reporting the results and conclusions of the study


noma sana.

Aflatoxins cause cancer that is not news, especially liver cancer.

True where was the control group as well?


Had someone done tests kwa these maize coming from Brazil and Mexico to check the toxin level ama there is a rush to bring prices to 90 without caring about the toxin thing?

This seems like a very poorly written piece. The writer has not told us the type and amounts of aflatoxin in the milk, maize and sorghum. For aflatoxin, the amount in the foods matter because the cancer is a cumulative outcome after the levels build up in the body. For these product to go on the shelves they undergo tests to ensure that they dont exceed the maximum content allowed. And for aflatoxin to affect you after just 60days then the content must be so high and we should also be showing such changes. Am calling bs on this one

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These stuff can be dangerous there was a time i think Iran or iraq imported graibwhich contained methylmercury. It was catastophic

You sure about that?:confused:

Why do we behave as though we are immortal. We must die no matter what…argh