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[SIZE=7]Teacher, 25, Arrested For Raping Her Eighth-Grade Student After Teen’s Mother Found Pictures In Her Boy’s Phone[/SIZE]

[SIZE=6]This woman, 25, was teaching at a middle school in Kentucky when she raped her 15-year-old student from eighth grade[/SIZE]

Alexandria Allen, 25, was put behind bars on the charge of raping a minor who was also her student.

The woman was arrested on Monday by Georgetown police and was charged with three counts of third-degree rape.,fit=scale-down,quality=85,width=700,dpr=1/uploads/2021/05/09/96505-large-514267.jpg

[SIZE=6]The victim studied in eighth grade in Spring Middle School[/SIZE]
LEX 18 obtained the arrest warrant which states that the case was reported by the teen’s mother who found the teacher’s nude pictures and videos along with her minor son on the kid’s phone.


The mother said;

‘I was disgusted because you’re supposed to be helping him, and she wasn’t helping him at all.’

[SIZE=6]The case was further investigated and the teen admitted that he had sex with the teacher[/SIZE]
The inappropriate encounters between the teacher and student happened three times from March to October.

The arrest warrant also states that all three times, the locations were different.

[SIZE=6]One encounter took place at the Hilton Inn in Georgetown[/SIZE]
Allen, who has pleaded not guilty to the charges, was ordered by the court to stay away from the victim.

[SIZE=6]The 25-year-old teacher’s bond was set at $2500[/SIZE]
Georgetown Assistant Police Chief Darin Allgood confirmed Allen’s arrest on Monday, adding that she may face additional charges.

“She was a substitute teacher at a middle school here in town and that’s how they met,” Allgood told The Post Wednesday.
“We’re pretty confident in the charges that were brought against her.”

Allen, who has no prior criminal record, was no longer listed as in custody at the Scott County Detention Center as of Wednesday.

Attempts to reach her were unsuccessful.

“Ms. Allen is prohibited from working in Scott County Schools,” the school said in a statement.
“She was hired as a substitute teacher in January of 2020.”

She is ordered to appear in court for a preliminary hearing on February 2nd.

On the other hand, the substitute teacher was fired from her job as an educator.

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[=AZVCFNYcJa9QIy6CECMoYYPBTB622NSi5L6bNuZbkIvO6KXh7V3NisBGMTVu7PQ3035rLFiRGjzalm7uwhCsGltua2R0BaL9O9wtuXWJ2D4jnGFt9XSIiFhUtXGv9R7562HlLfpaajQp–WSJC9JOuP3GSoikqrMZVWbHUWBHFj-sfsWGQMiYv3G2Tsun29swOY&tn=R]-R’]Sean Bagley]('[0) i had sex with a couple of my teachers and that was in the 90s. And it was awesome

[li][=AZVCFNYcJa9QIy6CECMoYYPBTB622NSi5L6bNuZbkIvO6KXh7V3NisBGMTVu7PQ3035rLFiRGjzalm7uwhCsGltua2R0BaL9O9wtuXWJ2D4jnGFt9XSIiFhUtXGv9R7562HlLfpaajQp–WSJC9JOuP3GSoikqrMZVWbHUWBHFj-sfsWGQMiYv3G2Tsun29swOY&tn=R]-R’]Sean Bagley](‘[0)[/li][=AZVCFNYcJa9QIy6CECMoYYPBTB622NSi5L6bNuZbkIvO6KXh7V3NisBGMTVu7PQ3035rLFiRGjzalm7uwhCsGltua2R0BaL9O9wtuXWJ2D4jnGFt9XSIiFhUtXGv9R7562HlLfpaajQp--WSJC9JOuP3GSoikqrMZVWbHUWBHFj-sfsWGQMiYv3G2Tsun29swOY&__tn__=R]-R’]Rick Dilts]('[0) I’d high-five you if they had the emoji. And it did nothing to your psyche.
[li] I’m sure you’ve grown to be a great man.[/li][li]And if anything it made you an even better man.[/li][/ul]
[I][B][=AZVCFNYcJa9QIy6CECMoYYPBTB622NSi5L6bNuZbkIvO6KXh7V3NisBGMTVu7PQ3035rLFiRGjzalm7uwhCsGltua2R0BaL9O9wtuXWJ2D4jnGFt9XSIiFhUtXGv9R7562HlLfpaajQp–WSJC9JOuP3GSoikqrMZVWbHUWBHFj-sfsWGQMiYv3G2Tsun29swOY&tn=R]-R’]Marie Kerr Killeen]('[0)
Double standards. I can’t get over the number of people mentally “high-fiving” the boy and wondering
where teachers like that were when they were young boys in school. If the story was about a male teacher
and a female student, people would be outraged and call the teacher a dirty old pervert.[/B][/I]


[=AZVCFNYcJa9QIy6CECMoYYPBTB622NSi5L6bNuZbkIvO6KXh7V3NisBGMTVu7PQ3035rLFiRGjzalm7uwhCsGltua2R0BaL9O9wtuXWJ2D4jnGFt9XSIiFhUtXGv9R7562HlLfpaajQp–WSJC9JOuP3GSoikqrMZVWbHUWBHFj-sfsWGQMiYv3G2Tsun29swOY&tn=R]-R’]Murielle Monique Lenglin Watel](‘[0)
[=AZVCFNYcJa9QIy6CECMoYYPBTB622NSi5L6bNuZbkIvO6KXh7V3NisBGMTVu7PQ3035rLFiRGjzalm7uwhCsGltua2R0BaL9O9wtuXWJ2D4jnGFt9XSIiFhUtXGv9R7562HlLfpaajQp–WSJC9JOuP3GSoikqrMZVWbHUWBHFj-sfsWGQMiYv3G2Tsun29swOY&tn=R]-R’]Marie Kerr Killeen]('[0) people like that always? excited about how many teen boys lost their virginité to an older woman…
only back in the days, it was almost à pride that even young kings were assigned à relief contest
Now I’m not saying I agree with that just saying that the problem has always existed

[=AZVCFNYcJa9QIy6CECMoYYPBTB622NSi5L6bNuZbkIvO6KXh7V3NisBGMTVu7PQ3035rLFiRGjzalm7uwhCsGltua2R0BaL9O9wtuXWJ2D4jnGFt9XSIiFhUtXGv9R7562HlLfpaajQp–WSJC9JOuP3GSoikqrMZVWbHUWBHFj-sfsWGQMiYv3G2Tsun29swOY&tn=R]-R’]Chad Wheelwright](‘[0)
[=AZVCFNYcJa9QIy6CECMoYYPBTB622NSi5L6bNuZbkIvO6KXh7V3NisBGMTVu7PQ3035rLFiRGjzalm7uwhCsGltua2R0BaL9O9wtuXWJ2D4jnGFt9XSIiFhUtXGv9R7562HlLfpaajQp–WSJC9JOuP3GSoikqrMZVWbHUWBHFj-sfsWGQMiYv3G2Tsun29swOY&tn=R]-R’]Marie Kerr Killeen]('[0) apples to oranges.
Males require a certain situation to happen.
So please let’s stop with this old comparison as it is literally apples to oranges.
The only injury this young man suffered was the shoulder injury from all the high fives he was receiving.

[=AZVCFNYcJa9QIy6CECMoYYPBTB622NSi5L6bNuZbkIvO6KXh7V3NisBGMTVu7PQ3035rLFiRGjzalm7uwhCsGltua2R0BaL9O9wtuXWJ2D4jnGFt9XSIiFhUtXGv9R7562HlLfpaajQp–WSJC9JOuP3GSoikqrMZVWbHUWBHFj-sfsWGQMiYv3G2Tsun29swOY&tn=R]-R’]Chad Wheelwright](‘[0)
[=AZVCFNYcJa9QIy6CECMoYYPBTB622NSi5L6bNuZbkIvO6KXh7V3NisBGMTVu7PQ3035rLFiRGjzalm7uwhCsGltua2R0BaL9O9wtuXWJ2D4jnGFt9XSIiFhUtXGv9R7562HlLfpaajQp–WSJC9JOuP3GSoikqrMZVWbHUWBHFj-sfsWGQMiYv3G2Tsun29swOY&tn=R]-R’]Tiffany Weber]('[0) I’m not talking about the clinical definition here. The comparison was man/vs woman.
Stay to the point.
Males are not females and vice versa. Boys as a general whole fantasize as teens about sleeping with their teachers.
This is not an opinion, this is a statement.
This 15yr old boy knew what he wanted and he did it. The opportunity presented itself and he took it.
His mom found out and it blew up. Should the teacher be punished? Absolutely.
But was the 15-year-old male an “innocent” bystander? HARDLY! (No pun intended)

[=AZVCFNYcJa9QIy6CECMoYYPBTB622NSi5L6bNuZbkIvO6KXh7V3NisBGMTVu7PQ3035rLFiRGjzalm7uwhCsGltua2R0BaL9O9wtuXWJ2D4jnGFt9XSIiFhUtXGv9R7562HlLfpaajQp–WSJC9JOuP3GSoikqrMZVWbHUWBHFj-sfsWGQMiYv3G2Tsun29swOY&tn=R]-R’]JF Larcher](‘[0)
[=AZVCFNYcJa9QIy6CECMoYYPBTB622NSi5L6bNuZbkIvO6KXh7V3NisBGMTVu7PQ3035rLFiRGjzalm7uwhCsGltua2R0BaL9O9wtuXWJ2D4jnGFt9XSIiFhUtXGv9R7562HlLfpaajQp–WSJC9JOuP3GSoikqrMZVWbHUWBHFj-sfsWGQMiYv3G2Tsun29swOY&tn=R]-R’]Marie Kerr Killeen]('[0) Not the same at all, chill up!.. a 15-year-old girl can easily be overpowered by a man, so rape it is…
but a 15 years old boy can definitely defend himself and prevent a horny woman to jump on him… rape it is NOT.
He wanted it to happen.

The law is sexist AF. It doesn’t matter whether the boy enjoyed it or not, rape is rape and he is incapable of consenting to sex. I wonder if a man would be let off with a $2500 bond if roles were reversed for the same crime.

Statutory rape. It’s when an adult has consensual or non forced sex with a person below age of consent.

In highschool it’s all I dreamnt about , even with ugly arse old teachers , that kid must be a hero to the rest of the boys.

I doubt whether this new retarded generation would entertain such

These young idiots are having the best in their fukuswii lives. We were pegging wrong teachers :D:D:D

Hii form 2 ingeniuwa na tamaa, I remember those trainee teachers were hot !!

A 15-year-old girl can easily be overpowered by a man, so rape it is…
but a 15 years old boy can definitely defend himself and prevent a horny woman to jump on him… rape it is NOT.
He wanted it to happen.
This 15yr old boy knew what he wanted and he did it.
The opportunity presented itself and he took it. His mom found out and it blew up. Should the teacher be punished?

if men wanafungwa women wafungwe pia for the same offense

Ukiangalia chenye nimepost sex with a minor even non forced/ consensual is still considered rape by law. I’m not sure if this also applies to emancipated minors since.
It is assumed a minor cannot give informed consent hata kama alikurombosea proper

It’s wrong whichever way you look at it

[SIZE=7]Two Teachers Charged After Having A Threesome With 16-Year-Old Student[/SIZE]

Didn’t you hear about the two teachers that got arrested for having a threesome with a 16-year-old student?

Well, that was a year ago and they have finally been charged.


It all allegedly happened in 25-year-old Rachel Respess’ (right) apartment. She and 33-year-old Shelley Dufresne (left) reportedly took the lucky student back after a football game.

Whatever happened in that apartment became schoolyard gossip and the two women were eventually arrested. :smiley:

The Jefferson Parish District Attorney’s Office brought two counts of carnal knowledge of a juvenile against Dufresne, and one count of failure to report the commission of certain felonies against Respess.

The pair both taught English at a Louisiana High School. Dufresne, a married mother of three, pleaded guilty to a count of obscenity in St Charles Parish in order to avoid prison time or having to register as a sex offender back in April. She was ordered to surrender her teaching license, undergo mental health treatment, and stay away from the victim and his family as part of her plea deal.

According to prosecutors, Dufresne had an ongoing affair with the student and allegedly had two sexual encounters with the boy on August 22 and September 19 of last year.


Respess’ attorney has said in previous interviews that Respess was intoxicated in her home when Dufresne and the boy showed up, and that Respess “never entered into consensual sex with this young man.”

“I appreciate all the work that’s gone into this investigation, we are entering a plea of not guilty. I’m glad she wasn’t charged with committing a sex crime.”

Dufresne’s two charges each carry a maximum sentence of 10 years in jail and a $5,000 fine. Respess faces a maximum sentence of one year in jail and a $500 fine.