Is this Pilipo guy a talker?



You could hear the wambulance as soon as the “big nose” comment left his mouth. It got real quick.

pilipo hataki upuss

Which app is this?

Pilipo sounds incredibly insecure. The lady’s comments hit a little too close to home and he lashed out defensively.

1-1, wamalizane

Beat me to it. He sounds so hurt. If he really is getting laid with such frequency he would just ignore her cheap shaming tactics. It was entertaining though. Ati “Pilipo endelea!” :smiley:

The wambulance got dispatched as soon as the words "Coz of my what?!"left her mouth

She went low he went lower. He should have remained high and deflated her game. When you go emotional a woman will beat you hands down especially where your slap can’t reach her. You fume and rant and she is getting warmed up.

Pilipo is a big teddybear… the nig is soft… if someone told me i am not getting any puthy, i would not give a damn what their thoughts are.

“Endelea Philipo.” Huyo ni ktalker

You don’t try to prove some things to people…

hii ni story gani? app gani?

Pilipo aliamua Huruma sio jina ya estate.
Chaoooos! :D:D:D:D:D

Twitter spaces.

Amerix ni meffi copypasta inspiring incels and nerds online.

Was wondering where watu wa “nini inaendelea hapa” wako!
Naona tumewakilishwa :D:D



Such a cucked man, why spend time on online calls arguing with women and cursing