Is this man a talker ?


Some of his tweet are copied word by word from here and Kwa wazee.


Huyo ni @PHARMACY Muthui Mulu Mutisya.

Leave the son of a peasant alone. He presents himself as he is. When the sun dazzles his face he responds accordingly.

He copies stuff right out of ktalk. A stupid hot tempered blogger from western Kenya

For chifu it had to be a baruiya :smiley:

He needs to get photochromic glasses.

I have seen comments from talkers circulating in WhatsApp groups. They are edited kidogo to make them sound more authentic. Just goes to show this forum is not as obscure as many tend to think.

Mblogger hana content

Moderator wacha kujipiga kifua. Your numbers are dwindling day by day, hour after hour.

We are in the final stages of selling this website to a suitable owner but we assure you that it will continue being in operation even after this.

I didn’t mention any tribes

Huyu jamaa ni senator and his mission is to drive as many people as possible from this forum to theirs.

Mkisii mjinga wacha pang’ang’a. Nani anaeza nunua hii website yenu?

A lot of these politicians fear looking old. He probably needs spects lakini that will distract from his image as young

Rudisha purple wacha upus.

Sura ya typical mkale sasa

Sawa mkubwa. We shall think about it later

Hiyo place huwa ni kama cemetery banae…