Is this machine good for music?

Ungeuliza students wenzako mkirudi MKU


Depends on what you have now and whether this is an upgrade or not.
There’s someone who’ll be coming along to tell you to buy a receiver and speakers but everyone’s budget, requirements and taste are different

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Mkunduthe wwe,ii swali si ya watu wa kisiagi

Nilikua natumia sony dz350,chenye nataka kujua if HISENSE is a good company in making music system

On paper going from Sony to hisense looks like a downgrade

Hii machine iko swafi sana but hio price ni way much expensive yangu nilishika na 27.5

Sayona 18000w ndio kusema

nobody dies 800 watts of sound to listen to music. It’s usually a mantle piece in a long line of accomplishments. if it’s the most valuable thing in your house, you are an irredeemable loser

Tafuta Hisense HS218 ama ax5100 for the 5.1 sorround sound. Hio kitu iko na decent sound quality.

[quote=“Maize_Combuster, post:11, topic:483247”]
…orround sound. Hio kitu iko na decent sound
Nataka hifi ama hometheatre juu ya Fm
,izo unasema ni sound bar na hazina fm

get an lg xboom instead but all in all JBL, Herman Kardon ndio best