Is This Hate Speech?

Nandi Senator Samson Cherargei has been arrested in relation to hate speech in August.
Cherargei was arrested on Tuesday, four months after recording a statement at the DCI offices in Kisumu county.
He is expected in court on Tuesday to face charges of ethnic contempt.
He defended himself by saying that the remarks he made concerning support for Deputy President William Ruto’s 2022 bid, and which led to his arrest, were misinterpreted.

Nandi Senator Samson Cherargei’s hate speech in August. :
“wale watu waendelee kupiga vita naibu wa rais, we are profiling you and if you fight the deputy president
you are fighting us, usifikiri deputy hana watu wake, sisi watu wake tuko hapa, muendelee kutusi naibu wa rais lakini
we are marking you and we are profiling you , ikifika wakati tutawashughulikia, tutawashughulikia msicheze”.

"ikifika wakati tutawashughulikia, tutawashughulikia msicheze".

That’s not only hate speech but a threat. He should be jailed. These people wana bahati Kenyan courts uwabembeleza by releasing them on bail.

Is the William Ruto… sorry is the DP of the Republic of Kenya in principle beyond reproach/criticism?

I am Not sure this is hate speech. "Kushugulikia " means we will pay attention to you? He did not single out a specific community or sect of people. Or directly refer to or imply violence. I honestly disagree with the charge. There are people who have directly incited people. Moses Kuria and Waititu being prime examples. They should be in jail.

this illeterate thief should be in kamiti

Aladwa the buffoon said something about risasi imebaki moja and didn’t go to jail.

Why not include Sudi and the Eldoret governor who don’t shy away from singling out madoadoa.To you a wrong is a wrong if committed by a Kikuyu…any other person hate speech is music to your ears especially if directed towards mt Kenya

They are profiling DP critics and then after the DP has ascended power they will “pay attention to them”???

That was a threat

He shouldn’t even be out on bail…afungwe kabisa

That it was Kikuyu was pure coincidence. But yes Sudi too.

context is key…maybe it’s beyond you to comprehend

We are profiling you.

You are a buffoon.

How many handles do you have? Don’t you have a life? I feel bad for you

You are a paranoid psychopath… You can’t feel bad for anyone.

I do for you. Believe it

Yes. Ask @sani , @spear and @langatkipro

If he were Catholic, he’d be a living saint

mgala muuwe lakini haki yake umpe. William did not destroy coffee industry. Pyrethrum industry, sugar industry, William has not sold us poisoned sugar or milk. William has no slaves supplying him with milk at 17 bob

The issue here is profiling someone for what he believes or freedom of expression an expression that has nothing to do with threat to another citizen’s constitutional right. “Kushugulikia” is a term with very wide meaning, in this case was his body language alluding to paying attention? Paying attention with what plan of action in mind?

In fact he said…“sisi sio waoga,Na hatuogopi mtu yeyote”

Then he added in kalenjin…“kufa Ni siku moja tuu”

But some one believes eti that’s not hate speech

I would think you can’t complete a statement for a person and then charge him with intent. You said it, he didn’t.