Is this ethical. Kukamua mwanafunzi?

Hawa walikamuana wakiwa shule but wakaamua kuweka under wraps to hide embarrassing stories[ATTACH=full]335275[/ATTACH]

Define ethical for us son …and while at it, give us the context and i dare you to give us the source/true definition that is devoid of cultural, taboo and religious inclination for these have been proved to have some bit personal objective.

Then we will answer you.
Thank you

That may be true, probably alikula students wengine pia. For purposes of this story, there was a happy ending so hakuna issue sana. Bora saa tu wife akue rada coz kama he’s still a teacher and anapenda kurarua vifaranga, atakuwa na compe mingi.

What I’m talking about here is the power play in place during the blossoming of the relationship. They cannot e said to have been two equals on an an equal footing when their romantic feelings were explored. Even if the teacher had been her exact age, there is still the issue of authority and the psychology behind it.

saa ingine uko na ufala sana… what equality has ever existed between the genders?.. You think you can match a girl your chronological age if she has designs on you?..
There are certain things you can never equalise, and any attempts to adjudicate over them only makes gender relations worse…
You cannot approach romance and gender relations the same way you approach a football or boxing match…

You spend too much time overthinking stuff.

These people met, fell in love, got married, and have a family, despite their rocky start and parental hoops.

What more is bothering you about it? :smiley:


its ethical they met after the girl finished school she was an adult 22yrs

Sex begins early. Somehow. It does not follow ethics or laws. Sexual desire and love are spontaneous. They have no room for ethics.

Hizi vitu huwa ngumu kusema. If you are 18 or 19 dating a chiq who is 14 or 15, is it ethical? Is it even legal? Probably not but people still do it and some even end up marrying.

Huyo mwalimu ako na taste. Kudos for being serious with her

Mwalimu alikuwa anakamua hii kitu hata before ishike ID. This things happen.

This power nonsense isn’t a good argument, I find.

When are two people ever equally matched?

So a woman can’t date her superior anywhere? Biologically, the male at the top of the pyramid is most attractive to the females. Women will always go for the powerful one.

In this situation, though… If they dated in school, that would be unethical. There are laws against that

mali safi hiyo


I don’t see nothing wrong here. Did he date, are we told, is it said that they were dating or having s*x when she was his student? I don’t think so.

Ethical? are you being serious??

She was in form four…probably she was 18… he was 3 years older than her…do the math he was 21…whats wrong with that??

Those are two consenting adults. I mean I slept with a woman years older than me when i was 15.

It’s hard for a proffesional teacher to be teaching at 21 years. These facts are not adding up. Even guys on TP are usually around 23

Hii mwalimu unafaa kumulikwa na TSC. He must be a ‘child eater’.

If the woman you slept with while at 15 was older than you but still young enough for people to reasonably expect you 2 could be dating then it was fine. If she was much older than you such that you would screw her but not date her then sorry man, you were raped.

Hio maneno na power play na ethics ni talking points za feminists that they use to shame men who date younger women. You sound like one