Is This Digi Or Panyaste With GF?


You know in real life they are couples

The midget cheated and the girl left

To fuck that girl,the midget must have been using his hand .it’s like seeking a needle in a haystack


The shorter the monkey :D:D:D:D:D:D:D

Those hips are comical.

Midget’s got a new catch hata kabla hips za yule wa kwanza zikue baridi

Biologically from anatomy class, can genitalia of those two really fit even to 20%level?


Huyo midget must be packing in terms of cash

Contrary to popular belief ,a woman needs only 2 inches of deek,all the nerve endings are on the labias coverging on the clitoris,after hapo ni kiherehere yetu tu kufika kwa cervix. The vaginal walls are no different from the buccal cavity just jumbbled up blood capillaries,no nerve endings hence no sensation,orgasm occurs on the clit’s shaft beneath the hood,thats why ukisugua dame vizuri hapo unaitwa dzadzy for a whole month. Huyo panyaste akisetiwa fiti ‘anaeza’ msisimua

Seems biology ulikua attentive even the practicals hapa nje:D

Its all in the name.:D:D:D


The shorter the monkey

Yes the monkey is short

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