Is this botox ile ya kudunga injection?

Wah imagine being injected on your face. Scary things women do. Very painful.

Kupaka mkorogo does not amount to Botox

Yeah but it’s not painful . And it’s been around for years. And nowadays there’s numbing medication. I believe Botox is not permanent.
One way to tell if to look under eyes of a user. If they are puffy, most likely is Botox.

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Sure looks painful to me. No way I am getting several injections on the face.

It’s like acupuncture. It’s painless.

Let me keep my wrinkles, my spirit husband hasn’t complained.


Alaa jambo jambo will still cheat

Sasa huyu mama ako na shape kama Mtungi anafanya hii ujinga yote ya nini? She came in the limelight akiwa mzee with kids, your typical kikuyu mom. And we were all cool with that.

She is not akina Vera Sidika,ama Huddah who came in the limelight in their 20s and have to maintain that body at all costs for clitocurrency purposes. Huyu mama aache ujinga. No one ever views her in a sexual perspective. Aache kuharibu mwili bure


Women go through pain just to look pretty and attractive to us. Hizi injections, brazilian wax :grin:and so on

Hiki kimama kizee ni mjinga sana. Akae na uzee wake awache kusumbua watu

Nipee mkia @TrumanCapote

Mimi pain neza go through bcz of a man especially a chimpanzee is pretending to be sad at his funeral. No pain. No pain. Nyway wacha watu wasunde mwili, mbinguni tutapewa mwili mpya. Akina Sindika wako Wera. It’s got nothing to do with pleasing you. Ni Mboka.

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How did she get kids if no one looks at her in a sexual perspective? If you people can see a goat, chicken, cows and a 80 "years plus woman in a sexual perspective, why not her? Wacha mama adungwe sindano kwa uso. It’s her prerogative.