Is there verification done on sim card registration?

Do fake credentials go through upon sim card registration? For example, name, ID, Dob…

Mwisi mushienzi

someone tried to use my id to register but i got sms from saf asking me to accept or reject.

If you did not respond within 24 hrs the registration goes through

i didnt respond, i will call saf

What! Security fail by design!

if you don’t respond the registration is automatically cancelled.

Its the other way round

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The details you give are validated against the IPRS database.

From what I’ve gathered, SIM card registration procedures vary, but they typically involve verifying personal details such as name, ID, and date of birth to prevent misuse.

*106# to show numbers registered using your ID number

It’s a bit of a mixed bag though—I’ve heard stories where fake credentials managed to slip through the cracks, which can be concerning. Personally, I think having robust verification processes is crucial to maintain security.
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