Is there away to cordon Nairobi

Lots of evil has taken place and will continue to take place! It is only muslims who do perpetrate it in the name of their creator!

Keep rationalizing. PEV and Rwanda we all know the reasons and everyone was a target on tribal lines. When the Alishabaab cunts were murdering people why did they profile them on religious lines? A straight answer or nothing.

You are on your way there but look at it from a monetary point of view… Its never been a religious issue. Somalis are like you and me. They just want to have their coffee /tea in peace. But…

Oh fokkof mate…
Yes! we were so bored then kevake thought, alas! “Lemme show 'em skinnies who has the biggest d!(% in d hood.”

Most of y’all commenting haven’t understood anything yet.
The alshabab are retaliating because we disrupted their system.
There’s no religion involved in the whole equation apart from the fact that Somalia is a majority Muslim state.
Had they have been of a different faith they would still act the same way. That’s just how they are.
Had it been a religious thing, me and @mayekeke and other Muslims would have already killed us some non Muslims.
Islam doesn’t support killing of people like ya’ll insisting.
Under the rules of war, in Islam, you can’t kill women and children or old folk, you can’t harm an animal, plants and most definitely places of worship.
But who am I to convince yall otherwise, y’all know Islam better than Muslims.

Islam is pure shit

Coz muslims be wearing thick ass lenses. They can’t see the religion for what it is.
Islam and owuor followers are all the same. Only people on the outside can see how bad things are. The sheep are pretty comfy and defend at all costs!

The Japanese were famous for their Kamikaze pilots.

People are always ready to pay with their lives if there is nothing to lose. You cannot scare them because they are willing to pay the ultimate price.

They’ll arrive at your door with your obituary and given a chance they would still come at you in the Afterlife. You can’t win against an opponent who is willing to murder himself just to murder you. They will walk in with dynamite and C4 strapped to their waist ready to serve death to anyone in their vicinity. They’ll pay off your kin like they did with Gichunge and Kemunto just to get a better chance to wipe out your own. When they walk in with fury oozing from every follicle and with those bloody eyes anyone who see them stares at death between the eyes.

It’s a really sad thing, but don’t underestimate the human being. This is not just religious. Some of these people are tortured beings willing to exit this world through this avenue. Others do it for a cause they believe in like the japanese pilots. We live to fight the alshabaab another day but don’t peg this down to religion.

We can start by withdrawing kdf from somalia. Your house is prone to robbery; instead of making sure the house is safe from within, you go to camp to the suspected thieves’ hideout to prevent them from coming to your house? That’s sounds like a stupid strategy, unless the army is profiting from Somalia in ways they don’t wanna make public



Never heard of Sikh or Buddhist terrorists?