Is there away to cordon Nairobi

is there a way to prevent these Islamic terrorists from attacking our major cities such as the capital city and other economic nerves like Mombasa. These guys are spoiling for us in every way. Just when the investor confidence is about to get high and the Tourism is about to rise to proportional levels never seen, the idiots attack again. What do we need to secure our cities and make it quite impossible like the way Israel has done for it cities despite it being surrounded by terrorist nations. I invite your contribution.

Israel is the biggest terrorist of them all.

Arap kip define terrorism ?

Terrorism has no race, religion or gender. Gaidi hana alama kwa uso. But it pays to be vigilante. People assume a lot but it is important to know your neighborhood. Where your wife and kids live.

Arabic commandos are terrorists, yes? Israeli terrorists are commandos? Tell you what, I think they are all in on it. Then they tell us it is a six thousand years old grudge about Ishmael and Isaac. Those two moron grandchildren of the psychopath first child killer Abraham. Since then the world has been bleeding from the asshole.

Introduce a visa to Nairobi like the good old Britons did.

Start by refraining from using the term Islamic terrorists then we can have a conversation.
By using this term it narrows your outlook on what the problem is.
Somalia happens to be almost 100% Muslim. Our country invaded their country, from their point of view we oppressed them.
What we are experiencing now is retaliation for our presence in Somalia.
It’s not about religion otherwise Muslims would have killed you from time in memorial. We’ve lived in this country for generations and are part of society only that we believe in one God and follow Islam as out faith.

There’s nothing Islamic about terrorism understand that then you’ll have a clear picture of the situation and your mind will be clear of being biased.

Something I have learnt ogopa sana ukipatana na muislamu akona jina kama Abdul njoroge aka @mayekeke those are more dangerous than the Somalis

All muslims are not terrorists but all terrorists are muslims…So to make it clear I do not subscribe to political correctness. I call it the way it is. It is islamic terrorism and it is fuelled by some teachings of islam and the earlier we acknowledge the truth rather than burrying our head in the sand the better for us…

I am yet to see christians enter a mosque and shoot believers.

Or the Hindus and others …

You’re still wrong.
Since you want to go into who’s a terrorist, who kills more people on terrorist acts in the western world? The white male.
Who massacred Africans in the millions? The white man. Or do you not consider colonialism used acts of terrorism.
Who made you think Muslims are terrorists?
You didn’t come to the realisation yourself.

Do you know the Irish were known for acts of terrorism.
Do you know the Israelis started the suicide bombings?

What about during the post election violence in the rift Valley.
What about during the Rwanda genocide? Many Rwandans became Muslims due to the fact that Muslims sheltered them then.

Who kills people in the name of religion, because of the promise of paradise after doing so, because they think God will bless them after doing so…is it not the islamic terrorists? Those haters might be killing other people but it is purely motivated by natural hatred and racism just like tribal wars in kenya but not out of the service to God

Were the so called Christians killing people in the name of God or because of the hatred and mistrust between tribes, were they quoting bible verses and the person of Jesus Christ for the justification of their actions…lets be truthful and face the reality of islamic terror

Armenian genocide? Islamic conquest of Europe, India and Africa? Ottoman empire?

Nope. It was the Kamikaze who are Japanese.

A physical presence of armed men?.. No, that’s never been done except for the apartheid state of Isreal… And that only works to build resentment in the oppressed… Aka more terrorists

They were attacking us through the border region for 10 months. From Lamu to Mandera. Were we to sit down and recoil in fear. When grenade attacks started exploding in Nairobi every 3 days the entire tourism industry collapsed. Traveled restrictions followed and insurance cover for tourists was bared. Former President Kibaki had no choice but send in troops to Somali to take the fight there not here in our homes. Besides even Somali federal government doesn’t care for its southern region and rural areas. It gives them nothing but expects allegiance from the region including tax. That’s why alshabab thrives there. The politicians are all too comfortable eating donor funds in Mogadishu to worry about the region. Its the wrong clan residing there. Let’s promote Jubaland forces to retake the border region fully. Let’s equip their force to carry out constant patrols in their side of the border as we finish the border fence on our side.