Is there anything I can do?

I had to tweak Afew things to maintain my anonymity.
I’m in my mid 30s. I’ve been married to my husband for about 8 years. The problem is that i’ve had a broken heart for the past 8 years. The man I married was loving, and more transparent than the men I met before him. He would tell me where his itinerary for everyday even without my asking.
Problem is, at times he can stay home without turning his phone on, and that’s how he has always been.
He also became someone who never keeps his word. Yaani ataniambia tutaenda place ama tutadu kitu and then it’s like alikuwa na verbal diarrhoea, because he totally forgets.
Sa mi sijui vile wanaume wanabehave wakicheat. I’ve never cared enough. All these years being with him, living with him have made me actually start caring whether he’s cheating on me or not.
I want advice so I can check this situation out in a rational manner, so I can decide what to do.
If he’s tired of me, nijuange tu. We don’t need to waste each other’s time.
PS. Yes, I have talked to him about it but he seems to think i’m a robot who will get over it juu he hears but doesn’t listen.

Niaje @Ka-Buda yaani waweru ashachoka na wewe

Yes, he is cheating on you.

Funny how shit in my life can be trivialised :)… shoulda expected it juu i’m on the Internet. …

1 Simu ya mzee hapana gusa,even my wife’s phone siwezi gusa,curiosity killed a cat
2 simu nikiwa siko job mimi huzima ,sitaki kusumbuliwa na raia
3 The mythical threshold anafikisha,madam hio kitu ni elusive kwa ndoa wacha kudanganywa
4 wacha kutubeba maembe,you’ve already made a decision about your marriage, most likely tiyari kuna Fisi imekutomba akili ,suruali ndio umebakisha kutoa.

Stop looking for trouble where there is none. Why are you assuming he is cheating when there are no any signs? Wacha kujipee stress za bure. A woman does not need to do so much to know her huzzy is cheating. They don’t know how much to hide.

P’S - If you keep believing that a man is cheating and you keep nagging him about it, if he isn’t, you will be giving him a reason to do it. So, relax.

1- I would never touch his phone, ata ye haguzi yangu.
2- has given me some hope
3- sex has never been an issue for us
4- sija’tombwa ’ na anyone, sikuingia ndoa na akili ka hiyo.
All in all umesaidia kiasi.

Maybe anawekaga bets sportspesa na hashindi that’s why he is so absent minded, na kusahau akifikiria vile ni bet moja imemtoa Kwa multibet, na vile anapata kumi zile Hazina bonus Kwa jackpot.

Kwani lazima uende hiyo place amesema? Jipe shughuli, We katolee huyo boy mpya surauli uache kutafta sympathy votes towards your ego. People grow old, so is your pussy.

Unajua maana ya kutombwa akili?

Okay, thanks for that. It’s just a gut feeling. But I have never nagged him, just a comment here, a comment there and once he answers me, I let it go in the hope that he cares enough to consider how cheating would hurt us.


Labda ufafanue what that has to do with my situation

Take your filthy attitude elsewhere.

Hakuna ndoa timaam madam,labda ni talker hapa anasoma hio thread.

Kabla mwanamuke akutolee suruali huwa ume confuse akili take,tuko pamoja?

Yes… but as of now, hakuna mwanaume mwenye ni prospect…
How do I even desire sex with another man when i’m sore half the time i’m at work?
Ni ile tu sitaki tufike place where amechoka na mimi and i’m still holding on.

Wewe huwes saidika. Someone claims she’s married for 8 years but still behaves like she’s still dating. Do you know the shit women go through at times but they don’t go out there yelping and bickering about their husband? Venye tu @pamba amekwambia, kuna nyang’au flani imekutia. Grow up.

Mbona wengine wenu mnajibu with so much bile? Hunijui sikujui… tuliza mafeelings and be objective. Otherwise Acha kuwa keyboard warrior . Take your own advice and grow up.

Yes 99% percent this dude is cheating on you. Ameshindwa kukuambia. I once dated this guy who used to go to the bathroom with his phone, used to put it under his pillow, used to go out clubbing almost every weekend…something I got out of my chest kitambo so we would fight like a cat and a dog!! I knew something was wrong but could not put a finger on it. I noticed that he would give a room a sweeping 360 degrees glance each time we went out and would then zero in on the unaccompanied women. The 2 ‘friends’ I asked denied any knowledge of his shughulis out there. Lakini one day just one day…he went to this party and left me at home in a flood of tears. And in attendance at the party was this dude that had travelled from abroad to visit his kazo and was interested in my younger sis.

FForward the next day, my dude arrived at 11 am the next day (a first but he had now thrown all caution to the wind).His phone was off and I was worried sick. ingekua ni leo jameni? angeona.
He said his car broke down on his home blalalalalalala and he did not have his phone charger.
What he did not know was the dude visiting from abroad had videod him dancing and snogging this chic in full view of ‘our friends’. He asked my Sis…'is your sista still going out with so and so? she said ‘yes’ why? he showed her the footage and swore her to secrecy. He also said ‘tell your Sis to be very careful as I have seen her boyfriend with different women’. Haki I was so devastated! it took me a long while to recover. I threw him out & changed the locks as he continued to deny and beg for forgiveness and I learnt a lesson/lessons that I will never forget.
Anyway huyo ako na mtu. Find ways of getting to know the truth and then start dealing with whatever you find out. Pole lakini.