Is there anything for Africans to celebrate over Biden win

Let’s be real is there anything for us Africans to celebrate over Biden win?. The America policy on Africa remains the same no matter who comes into power. So what are we celebrating ???. Let’s not forget America is not Africa where every leader comes up with his own policies and priorities every American President must be in line with the American interests …

It will be easier for most peasants to immigrate to the US.
Msito Trump had put very stringent measures to curb this immigrants. Unfortunately with Obama on his side, the measures are bound to be reversed.

I’d like to see the hard numbers for immigration to US by Kenyans under Trump. I am highly suspicious the numbers either stay constant or go up. The U.S. Embassy in Nairobi has gone out of its way severally to remind us that the U.S. does not impose a quota on Kenya. As for trade, Trump was actually firmly into increasing Kenya’s capacity to export more goods to America. If Kenyans, especially farmers, can acquire the technical and logistical know how of accessing U.S. markets trust me kuna watu wengi watatoroka umaskini. Wachana na EU hapa wanaturingia na vile hio market yao is shrinking. U.S. can be a game changer. Naskia textiles tumepewa quota and we never achieve it. There was a talker yuko textiles in Thika or something. I read his thread once when I used to be a lurker, but sikumbuki jina yake. He can feed us a lot of valuable info on that, juu he seems to be deep in the industry.

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Expect these clowns to start lecturing us about democracy and advocating for gay marriage. Kwanza I suspect wataleta alot of NGOs with this specific mission.

They will allow any Tom Dick and Harry to immigrate now. Immigrants = eventual blue voters. If you ever want that elusive visa, do it during a Democrat government

Africa we are on our own. We are not taken seriously around the world. But we can do something about this. Look at the chinaman.

Trump was going to replace AGOA which is better with a country to country trade deal where they would dump all their agricultural food stuff in Kenya including milk, chicken, and plastics which would have killed local companies, good riddance, we can stick with agoa

Trump cannot replace AGOA. It runs till 2025. His term if he continues, ends in 2024. It’s up to the one after Trump to decide if it will be renewed or not. Agricultural food stuff from America would be uncompetitive in Kenya, what a ridiculous thing to say. California farmers can barely make any money with the exhorbitant U.S. prices. What makes you think they’d make money in Kenya?

umekuwa ukisoma news kweli wewe, currently there’s a trade deal negotiation that has been going on since Uhuru went to meet Trump in America. Kenya was supposed to give America tarrif free access to the milk and plastics business in exchange for sijui exporting tea to America.

So agricultural food stuff ni milk? 60 % of milk market in Kenya ni ya Konyagi. So wacha ajisabotage. And having access to a market and actually being able to sell your stuff are two different things.

read the news boss acha kubahatisha and the US heavily subsidizes their agricultural products couple that with no tarrifs and the products will be cheaper than Kenyan products, plus milk is just one of the products I could remember, they’ll dump whatever they can

Time will tell.

Iran and Saudi arabia , PUTIN , nORTH KOREA should be very afraid , BIDDEN is a war monger IF he wins .

in one of his senile fits he may nuke something

Africans with your corruption and tribalism you have failed to keep your countries in check now you look to others for a ticket to a better life. When others look down on you you cry racism

Aid money that Trump had frozen will come back.
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A huge benefit from his presidency. Given that Corona has affected the economy of US, all aid will be scrutinized like never before, so MoH cartels salivating over it are in for a rude shock.

Also there’s a chance that the warped terms of the trade agreements might be tilted a bit in our favour, especially the plastic ban.

ppl never understand the term ‘america first’ …

The american policy is always that for every dollar they give out they get 2 in return in form of skewed trade deals or stolen oil and minerals.