Is There a Way to Report This Garbage Safaricom Spam?

The problem is if you disallow marketing SMSs then other messages from Kenya Power and County services get blocked too.

You could get a brand new number today and I promise you someone some will have the number with the registered name in a few days and try to scam you as soon as you activate Mpesa.


CAK should be taking these motherfuckers to court.

The CA people wait for you to report a problem then they make you fill in complete official complaint documents, then they use those documents to go demand bribes from the guilty party.

You could mistake their enthusiasm in helping you file the complaint for efficiency


Disallow the individual sender na uwache kusumbua sisi, you tech illiterate MONKEY!

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kijana handsome shoti ya mkia ni ngapi

This is a duly registered marketing org given they have a dedicated account. The problem is nobody monitors the marketing message. In Kenya marketing and lying are the same. Register and if they don’t give you the 98k sue them


Uta wa report CAK halafu wa delete hio number yako kwa home location register juu ya kuwachomea ubaki na options za the shitty telkom and airtel networks ndio uta tii.Tumia USSD ku block hizo messages wacha ungati.

Sophia ingekua inatuma text thanks for visiting and eating our lanyes. Come again soon

That went south fast :green_emoji:

Hehehe having an Alphanumeric sender ID doesn’t mean the company is duly registered. It’s easy shit done by anyone, costs $10 for about 200SMSs. But we get the point.