Is there a way to leave a psychic imprint on someone?

I have been thinking a while of late.
i bet wasee wote wameskia someone getting obsessed over the other…

kukona pia Rehabs…

I just thought pia it might be possible like on a smallest scale possible to have someone do your bidding…

Sio just obedience or respect on authority, its like compulsion or influence one has over you…

Can there be a psychic bond. . Is it fear driven?!
Is mind reading possible?..

Ama labda am just high on drugs or somethin

Science has failed to prove it kwa hivyo I doubt it exists

Bado sinjaelewa…mtu anitasfirie

Sledgehammer anaongea about being obsessed with his ex

@Purr_27 alituambia kuna soul ties…

About a weekend ago, I think I hypnotized a campus girl in a club. It seemed extremely weird, even for me. I went straight to her, and didn’t even introduce myself or start any small talk. I told her directly that the club was crowded and we should go to another club. She went to their table, took her bag and followed the leader (me). I then decided to test her thought process. I told her that I live in Kiserian and that we should go home. I dont even know where that is but I am damn sure it is past Rongai so it must be VERY far. She agreed:eek::eek:Mabeshte zake walikuwa wanampigia simu tukiwa pamoja analenga. Eventually she switched off her phone. This 20 year old kids are easy to impress and I really wondered what would have happened if ilikuwa rapist kama Uwes and his drinking buddies. She didnt seem to give a rat’s ass about her security. Black ice mbili (alikuwa amekunywa moja na her friends) and she was extremely drank. Ombeeni watoto wenyu sana

Umesahau kumalizia ‘alafu nikamdinya kama ameblackout bila cd’ RIP in advance brown skin boy :smiley:

She gave me a blowjob kwa gari before I returned her to her friends. Hata nmekuwa nikichorea simu zake.

Mimi sijai pewa Bj . Am i normal?

Sawa mzae

Weka summary elders watasoma kesho

That avatar is patented already. meffi nv

"and she was extremely drank. "

Hii ingine ni hadithi