Is the year 2020 gone?

@Uwesmakei am not in anyway trying to be a prophet of doom, but am just being a realist.
We will spend the better part of the rest of this year battling this disease, and since we shall fight it with everything we have got, time will move very fast, and before you know it’s December. It will be a year we would like to erase from annals of history, but we cannot. It will define our future as humanity.
Example: US vice President Mr Pence has projected that virus problem will likely be behind them by June. That’s another 90 days away. Taking its toll. Everyday.
And when I hear that Vumbistan has only 160 ICU beds, I am now officially scared. Very scared.
Ni hayo tu.

Hii vita ya 504 ni virus gani?


Hiyo tulishinda jana mdau.
Shetani alishindwa.

Papa, bado

I feel for kcpe/kcse candidates coz this year has been quite unfair to them. Tough decisions lie ahead.

There is calls to postpone the exams.
Kuppet wants exams postponed as coronavirus disrupts calendar | Nation

Ata ya kesho hujui. Don’t get ahead of yourself.