Is the world ready for a black pope?

There’s already been a black president of the USA and now a black prince in the UK. I think having a traditional conservative hardline black pope would be a good thing seeing as the left would be scared to call him out for his views lest they be accused of racism?



We don’t give a fuack even if you put a Chinese pope. They are all homosexuals and pedophiles. We are Africans

Lakini ulizaliwa, utaoa na utazikwa under their gods ama namni gani bonobo

There have actually been Black popes.
The 14th pope, Victor I (circa 189-198 A.D.) was from North Africa; the 32nd pope, Miltiades (311-314 A.D.) and the 49th pope, Gelasius I (492-496 A.D.) were of African origins.

apantambua black pope nor any pope. Catholicism is bullshiitt idol/devil worship

‘black’ prince huh?

Ujinga ni kungoja mzungu akupende au akukubali ilhali ujipendi mwenyewe.

Little fellow whiter than Lord Delamere

Africans are good at Simple no brainer stuff such as church sh!t. But have ZERO use when it comes to serious scientific stuff such sending spacecraft to space:

Now I know you will list here some Black dudes who work at NASA, those are irrelevant. Our last intelligent people were wiped off after building the Pyramids, the remnants are things like you.

This is black.
The rest are capuccinos ,sitambui as blacqkue.


we all know what we mean by ‘kinta kunte’ black wacha kudanganya kijiji
going by your argument elon musk and the delamares are black

They were most likely of berber/phoenician,vandal,roman or greek descent who settled in carthage or egypt

So we need the white man to give us a token to feel good about ourselves? IF they ever allow a black person to take the seat in our times it is simply because that is the thing that will advance THEIR interests. Nothing to do with black people.

We want a black planet

You need to do a little research. Victors’ portraits show him with distinctive black features. He was a Black Berber.

Pope Miltiades also had distinctive African features. His portraits show him with kinky wool like hair.

Yeah not only wuz we kangz we wuz pawntiffs!

There’s actually a “Black Pope” -the Superior General of the Order of the society of Jesus aka Jesuits. It is said he’s more powerful and even controls the “white pope”(Francis -also the first Jesuit pope)
Jesuits infiltrate governments all over the world and place their Jesuit trained people to promote their NWO agenda chieth. They run 100s of Uni’s,schools etc like Sunshine and St Mary’s(where the likes of RAT na Uhuru went- usisahau his Vatican trained deep state brother) CBK governer is Jesuit . Former president Obongo was also Jesuit trained and appointed a lot of them in his government. Trump is also Jesuit educated [ATTACH=full]346507[/ATTACH]