Is the US Dollar Selling at Shs. 123 now?




Money has really devalued.

I think they printed money for the new roads and azimio.

I thought tuko tough times already… Niku noma

Sisi birrioneas bado tuko Sawa. We still rolling big

Enjoy it before we (peasants) come and eat you!

7% to 7.5% sio mbaya sana after a whole 9yrs. NB during kibakis time it was 12%. Uhuru amefanya kazi.

Not really… This thing really changes… There was a time in 2012 when it was 18% and also 8.5%… Used to achieve several things… Does not always mean good performance or not…

True. During Kibakis time CBK base rate was 18%. banks would then add their 4% margin and also a 2% risk margin bringing loan interest rates to 24%. For past 9yrs in Uhuru’s era base rate has been 7%, then banks add their 4% margin and 3% risk totaling 14%. Kenya has had the cheapest loans during Uhuru’s time at only 14%. During Mois time bank interest rates were 85%. Uhuru amefanya kazi.

That is primarily because he has been borrowing from local banks like crazy… So he needed low interest rates… Raila will have his own strategy and I predict that this could rise to 18% too…

Hehehe. You ain’t gonna do that!

It’s not our currency, its the US dollar, its strengthening against all currencies. This is due to the inflation in the US. Inflation is good for the dollar

85% .Kuna mtu ata mmoja alinunua plot hiyo time???

Also what helped was the interest rate cap and the forcing of banks to ensure that their savings rate was 70 percent of the CBK rate.
While I did not fully support the cap, I supported the savings rate limit. That brief era you could get even 10 percent tax free from a fixed savings account at Postbank .
Today, we are back to the 1.5-3 % era of savings rates.

Airport buying Ksh in exchange for USD ni 125, that was 3 weeks ago!

Watu wasome vile Mzito Putin alifanya banae vile alisema anataka Roubles for gas and oil exports. From now on, we DEMAND kshs for all our exports!

Ati nini? I hear that if you try shaking a mugumo tree, only your b**tt shakes!