Is the Kenyatta Family using Covid 19 to take over as many businesses and possible?


On Thursday 8th August 2019,*l DPP ordered arrest of Humphrey Kariuki for “41 Billion Tax Evasion.” His crime: he had bid 4 Billion to beat Kenyatta Family 3B bid to buy Norfolk.

On Wednesday 18th March 2020, Humphrey Kariuki’s accounts were frozen meaning his competition against Kenyatta Family in acquiring Norfolk was sorted.

On Saturday 23rd May 2020, Uhuru announced a 6B Tourism Stimulus package for be provided as soft loans to hotels and related establishments through the Tourism Finance Corporation (TFC).

On Thursday 28th May 2020, Fairmont Norfolk GM Mehdi Morad issued a “close down notice” of Norfolk and Fairmont Mara due to Covid-19 impact.

On Friday 29th May 2020, the Attorney General through the Solicitor General wrote to Fairmont Norfolk to demand why Norfolk was firing all employees (as if AG is Ombudsman). It was to justify recommending Covid-19 TFC soft loan “to acquire Norfolk.”

On Thursday 4th June 2020, it was announced that Fairmont Norfolk and Fairmont Mara had already been sold for 2.8B “of course 3B after tax waivers as only Kenyatta family and their proxies enjoy.”

On Friday 5th June 2020, Norfolk announced suspension of its closure and its acquisition by Nepalese company Chaudhary Group which paid 800M deposit. Tourism Finance Corporation (TFC) is paying 2B as soft loan to Norfolk on behalf of the Kenyatta’s.



Bandit economy
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Some things are beyond our human understanding or might. If only Judgment Day could come quickly so that all these wrongs can be righted. There’s too much injustice in this world, and we the people are helpless.

Not really. Time corrects some injustices. There will come a time they start losing all the stuff they acquired illegally.

If the Kenyatta’s says it worth ksh3b, what business did that guy have to say it’s ksh4b ?

Yup…crisis brings opportunity.


The thing is that almost every African will behave the same. We are not at the level of thinking about the greater good of the nation or continent.

The invisible hand

Mtaongea mingi Sana about corupshion but when ur rela is eating u don’t shout about it

Hehe… the Kenyatta’s are practicing Adam Smith’s philosophy to the latter

It is Uhurus turn to eat,but akule na mpango,kwani anashindana na ndovu kuhara?all this will sink him

The invisible hand of the govt.Hapa it’s not invisible.

If one thief billionaire kills another thief billionaire why should i care , yet when peasants kill each other they dont care, huyo ghassia op akae kwa lane yake, infact Uhuru akiuwa Kidero and Kirubi ill celebrate

Watu wa io family wanangojewa na demons kwa kaburi wafirwe mikundu na bado moto ya jehanum inawangoja.

Jimmy Wanjigi was feeding Jacob Juma with raw intelligence meant for foreign owners of capital. Jimmy Wanjigi alifanya rafiki yake akauliwa bure

Anashindana aje na yeye ndiye ndovu?

he is building an empire based on the current government political blunders,what happens if the next government changes everything.kuna time he signed a deal with ethiopia in the name of kenya but ni brokeside only benefitting.


threshold mlisema ni ngapi my fellow kenyans?

My relaz are my niggas lmao